The hot uncle held a gun towards the booth threatening to sue. Causes of traffic jams People use difficult rights – fresh news

Engage in polling stations After his uncle walked to the booth Outcry to make a traffic jam Difficult people come to exercise. Director of Local Commissioner Election Commission Went to report

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On March 28, 2021 at Muang Suphanburi Police Station, Mr. Manatphong Prompisitphong Permanent Secretary of the City Municipality as director of the local Election Commissioner Has reported to the investigation officer of Muang Suphanburi Police Station To prosecute a man Electoral And not satisfied with the staff By holding a firearm threatening

Mr. Manasphong said that at about 9:30 am, a man came to talk about the matter of exercising the right to vote. This polling station has roads. Causing people who come to use the right to travel due to difficulty in traffic congestion Which the official has already explained But the man said he was going to get the gun before walking back to the car

Then walked back and informed that he would sue about doing the road. The official informed me that this road belongs to the district, not related to the municipality. The man was not satisfied. Took out the gun and showed it Then walked to the car So he has come to report it as evidence

Mr. Natthaphat Suwanprateep Phaw, Suphanburi Province said that the preliminary order has been ordered to proceed in accordance with the law. It may be incomprehensible or impatient, but the perpetrators acted in the constituency area. In addition to being an offense under the law The Firearms Act already May also be guilty of electoral law Must see if it is an offense Asked to proceed according to the law

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