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Martín Feijóo

11:01 hs

Marcelo Gallardo always evaluates alternatives for River in case a player emigrates. His task goes far beyond the assembly of the team: is attentive to the development of the Lower Divisions and also analyzes future players, such was the case of Fernando Valenzuela. But in the last hours, the possibility that said player passed to the Millionaire, disappeared.

The coup, which previously played in Barracas Central, sounded to reinforce River a short time ago. But a team from Portugal made progress in the negotiations and took over the services of the footballer who must travel to Europe as soon as possible to join training with his new team.

Famalicao is not one of the largest teams in Portugal, but he is having a good season and dreams of getting a place in the next Europa League, an important goal for a club that does not have the budget that other institutions in that country have. There was talk of a possibility of going to River, but Valenzuela will have his first time in Europe. The attacker waits for an authorization to travel to Uruguay and from there fly to Portugal to join his new club.

Valenzuela was unable to play this year’s Under 23 Olympic Championship due to injury.

Valenzuela was formed in the Lower Divisions of Racing, but only played 13 minutes in a summer friendly against Independiente. Then he was on loan in Nueva Chicago, he did not give up, he was released from the Avellaneda club in mid-2018 and arrived in Barracas Central, where he exploded.

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