The Help, you against the wilderness, and who takes the dog

My streaming tip takes you back to the 1960s and the southern United States. It’s about college graduate Skeeter Phelan who dreams of becoming a writer. Because of her past, she was raised by an African American housemaid, she decides to write a book about the lives of these women – not only a social scandal for her small hometown and its residents in Mississippi, but also a violation of the racial laws of the time and a Danger for her interview partners Aibileen and the good-hearted Minny.

“The Help” from 2011 is a film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s novel “Gute Geister”. The film will make you angry when you see how people are treated because of the color of their skin. He will make you cry, from grief, from anger, but also from emotion! This is partly due to Octavia Spencer, who plays the loving housemaid Minny so wonderfully that she has won a number of awards for it. Among other things, the Oscar 2012 for best supporting actress. And you will laugh often enough, especially when it comes to a very specific cake. Which is it? Check it out and stream “The Help” now on Amazon. But hurry up, the film is only available for free for 2 days with a Prime subscription! It is worth it …

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