The harsh conclusion of a Venezuelan Commander after the attack on a military post that resulted in the kidnapping and murder of a soldier

Many Venezuelan soldiers died in clashes with armed groups, but they have also killed each other

What is happening in the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) is alarming: soldiers assassinating superiors, soldiers collaborating with assaults on weapons parks, kidnappings, extortion and support for Colombian irregular groups. The guerrillas mimicking drug trafficking groups, installing drug laboratories and guarding landing strips. And as a corollary, kidnapping and murdering Venezuelan soldiers. Never before has the military institution seemed so disoriented.

In mid-May 2021, the Venezuelan Armed Forces dynamited a track used by drug trafficking, in the Catatumbo municipality of Zulia state, in which A municipal police officer died, who later became known to be on the spot guarding the track.

On May 3, 2021, the Western Integral Defense Region (REDI) Nr. 1 reported, through the Zulia National Guard Zone Command (CZGNB-11) of what happened in a command on the Eastern Coast of the Lake, exactly in the 5th Company of the D-113, whose headquarters is on Pedro Lucas Urribarrí Avenue in the town of La Rita. Santa Rita municipality, Zulia state.

The GNB command that was attacked in Santa Rita
The GNB command that was attacked in Santa Rita

A group of eight armed men attacked the Weapons Park of that 5th Company, fired at a patrol of the Road Attention Brigade, in which more than 10 shots were fired; Inside the facilities they smashed furniture and smashed glass.

The fact SM1 José Melecio Palmar was injured and S1 Degar Alexander Rodríguez Moreno was kidnapped, whose body later appeared, 400 meters from the place in the April 19 sector, Santa Rita municipality, with a shot in the head.

The irregulars took two Ak-103 rifles and a Browling Cal. 9 mm pistol, weapons of the military who were performing night service.

The next day, May 4, the National Anti-kidnapping Command (CONAS) of the National Guard, detains S1 Jhonathan Javier Chinchilla Arévalo, Plaza de la 5TA CIA, D-113 CZGNB- 11, whom the investigation of the call crossings reveals as involved in the fact that he carried out a criminal gang called Yeico Massacre.

Fabio Zavarse Pabón, General Commander of the GNB
Fabio Zavarse Pabón, General Commander of the GNB

The General’s message

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The response that the commander general of the National Guard gave his subordinates to the assault on the command and the assassination of S1 Degar Rodríguez, MG Fabio Enrique Zavarse Pabón is that he was surprised by the incident “from which none of us are exempt from the new threats”, adding that the casualties occur “mostly on our side and very few times on the opposite or enemy side”, for which he gave various hypotheses.

“Overconfidence of our military personnel when carrying out their functions, that is, they are covered by the routine of our Commands, where people enter and leave every day, which generates in us the fulfillment of our Administrative Police functions ”.

He added that “downstream the guidelines and orders that are generated from the Higher Command are not arriving as they should or they see it with the same routine with which they behave ”.

He stressed that “such is the case of the instructions that on Saturday May 1, Friday April 30 and many others where, among other things, they have been ordered: to install a collective weapon, reinforce services and that staff even sleep with their weaponry. Today we realize the outcome of the failure to comply with these instructions, which translates into one person killed and one wounded on our side and none on the enemy side ”.

He lamented that “It seems that our staff does not enter into context with the current reality of the country, the threats and the true intentions that the enemy has towards the FANB, which is more than proven that it lies in causing us casualties, stealing war material and equipment and breaking the morale of our personnel; therefore, it follows that the staff is lacking in orientation, ”he said, without assuming that the greatest responsibility falls on him as general commander of the component.

He exhorted them “to take their Commando actions in order to avoid more human losses, weapons, ammunition or equipment in our Units due to this type of behavior. It makes me sad to have to be calling the Higher Command to stand up for other people who I honestly do not know if they are doing their job as I am actually doing it from the level that corresponds to me as Commander General ”.

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He instructed “guide your personnel, take extreme security measures and take your Command actions to avoid this type of situation. I do not accept our low heights without causing harm to the enemy and much less losses of material, weapons and equipment due to the non-observance of the fulfillment of our functions. I go with the full weight of the Law towards those who disobey orders from the Higher Command that go for the benefit of yourselves in front of each of your Command efforts, ”he said ending with the slogans“ always loyal, never traitors. Loyalty and commitment to the homeland and the Bolivarian revolution ”.

Camp with drug laboratories that was destroyed in Zulia
Camp with drug laboratories that was destroyed in Zulia

Drug laboratories

The Western Integral Defense Region (REDI) No. 1 reports, through the Zulia National Guard Zone Command (CZGNB-11), that on May 4 they had destroyed eight laboratories for the processing of cocaine hydrochloride, which were located in the Pica El Tres sector of the Jesús María Semprún municipality.

The commission, which entered the place by land, was under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Malavé Soto with two superior officers, four junior officers and 41 members of the Professional Troop, assigned to the detachments: D-116, the Rural Commands (DCR-119 ) and the Regional Anti-Drug Intelligence Unit of Zulia (URIA-11).

They destroyed the camp that had the eight laboratories to process cocaine. “Incineration of 1,100 Kgs. Of Cocaine and Coca Base Paste. Incineration of 4,500 liters of liquid chemicals. Incineration of 3,200 Kgs. Of solid chemicals “, they outlined in the official report.

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They also claim to have destroyed a worm with 10 holes, as they call the metal container, in addition to 8 microwave ovens that they use for the drying process of cocaine hydrochloride, a hydraulic press, drying area, a scale, 5 labels to identify which structure Cocaine belongs and thus guarantee the identity of the product and a Martian, a dragon and an Arthur.

Lieutenant Luis Torres Gil was assassinated by a subordinate
Lieutenant Luis Torres Gil was assassinated by a subordinate

Assassination in the Navy

On May 17, before noon, on the Mamo Plateau in Catia La Mar, just over 30 kilometers from Caracas, Lieutenant Luis Torres Gil asks the frigate Lieutenant Maikel José Sucre Oviedo and Lieutenant Dionel Antonio Briceño Molina, what were they doing in relation to the vaccination carried out in the infirmary? Briceño’s response, although it may seem laughable, is that he coordinated coffee for the naval health personnel, while Sucre said that “nothing yet.” The superior urges Briceño to do something else while ordering the frigate lieutenant to remain on duty until 6 in the afternoon.

To the latter He did not like “the punishment” and taking out his regulation weapon, he shot him when Torres Gil had already turned his back, and then finished him on the floor with two more bullet holes. Thus dies the young officer, who lived in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state, with his wife Rosmery Rodríguez and their two children.

While the Armed Forces are silent about the fact, colleagues from the assassinated NC let their indignation run in WhatsApp groups while highlighting that the officer who murdered him had psychiatric problems, for which he was discharged from the institution twice and even so, after taking a course he was re-entered the military institution.


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