The Greens and the CDU are planning a new law: Citizens can defend themselves – but how? – Baden-Württemberg

“Stop Racial Profiling” can be read on a board that was held up during a demonstration in Berlin in June 2020. This means that people are only controlled based on their appearance, such as the color of their skin. Photo: dpa / Christoph Soeder

Grün-Schwarz begins discussions on an anti-discrimination law. In Berlin, 315 citizens invoked such a law within one year. The project in the country is potentially explosive.

Stuttgart – The Greens and the CDU want to tackle a project this week that made waves during the coalition negotiations because it is one of the alliance’s most conflicting projects: the anti-discrimination law. It is about the plan to give citizens an instrument against public authorities such as the police if they feel discriminated against because of their skin color, origin or sexual identity. This is so explosive that the parliamentary groups have a say from the start – in addition to the legal preparatory work that the Interior Ministry is probably doing. The topic will be addressed for the first time in the working groups, it is said.


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