The great Inside Basket test of a successful opus … While waiting for the next-gen


This year 2020 definitely has nothing in common with the others. Usually, each new NBA 2K video game creates emulation among the basketball community in a very poor September in the world of the orange ball. Yes, but this time, an anecdotal virus has passed through, upsetting the NBA calendar and offering us a series of playoffs in the middle of September. Consequently, the debates around the NBA 2K21 video game have become less fierce than usual, and the threads Twitter crying scandal on the note of one player or another have much less obstructed the blue bird for example. Do these quieter debates make the game less interesting this year? Certainly not ! Here is our review of the game.


Regarding this old gen version, the studio Take Two has worked in detail to make our games as realistic as possible. To that end, the game is revolutionizing its shooting system this season. The lateral fire gauge which rose vertically which had appeared a few years ago disappears. Although generally appreciated by the community, the ease of handling it distorted the game and online games, where some players abused a rather easy three-point shot to get into “perfect timing”. From now on, a horizontal fire gauge appears. After a few hours of handling the verdict is final, it is a good choice made by the developers of NBA 2K.

More difficult to take in hand, it also makes our matches more realistic. Perfect timing is much more difficult to achieve, and only a seasoned player can boast of mastering the shot as it should. This new shooting gauge seems in his company to reintroduce mid-distance shooting in this opus. This choice, against the trend observed during the 2020 playoffs in the bubble, is effective and will please aficionados of a more old-shool game. This evolution diversifies the game, especially in my player mode where dribbling creating a “ simple ” mid-distance shift becomes a real threat. The revolution of the shooting system is the great positive point of this NBA 2K21.


Let’s be clear, your judgment of NBA 2K21 will depend greatly on your expectations. If you are waiting for a revolution, wait a few months and find the new generation, if you want an ever more advanced simulation, you are in the right place! This is the bet made by the Take Two studio this year. The gameplay is thus based on the same foundations as the previous editions, but is improved in ever more sophisticated details. Overall, the defense system is genuinely improved. In the past year, it was almost impossible to defend yourself properly, it is no longer mandatory to let the computer control the attacker with the ball in hand.

Still in the defense sector, new activities are waiting for you when you try to carry out counters or interceptions for an ever more present reality. Moreover, those same interceptions have been reworked and it is not as easy as before to steal the ball from an attacker who is dribbling. Arm yourself with your best sense of timing! When attacking, you can also observe more realistic animations in your dribbling and lay-ups. In addition, a contested lay-up no longer systematically turns into ridiculous brick as in the past. Beyond a, the graphics engine remains the same and no revolution is reported. Go back to the first line of this paragraph, or go to the next level.

  • THE GAME MODES: A MY PLAYER finally cohesive

Direction mode MyPlayer, which interested us in the trailer revealed during the summer. And for good reason, this fashion so adored by the community is making a big comeback, that of a credible story college basketball! Disappeared since the game NBA 2K17, the exploits of our player in high school as well as in NCAA are once again playable to the delight of purists of prospects and labeled social networks ”Overtime”. We say goodbye to the G-League, China or even a neighborhood 3 against 3 that offers you a contract in the team of your choice (?!), And it’s a great relief. In this my player mode, we take back control of our player’s destiny, and it is only our performance that will decide our future; Although inevitably the game still has a way to land you in the NBA, even if you are the worst player in the world.

In detail, NBA 2K21 innovates again with a quality cast composed mainly of Jesse Williams (your childhood friend and rival) seen in Grey’s Anatomy, as well as the Hollywood actor Djimon Hounsou. The story of your character is nice without breaking three legs a duck. Inconsistencies (less numerous than before) are still to be deplored, such as the fact that your high school coach wants to make you the star of the team… when you have not touched a basketball for 3 years! Probably unintended consequence in the gameplay, your player is not at all dominant among young people, unlike the 2K17 edition. Same thing in NCAA, where some passages are really tough with a player who barely score a lay-up, which did not prevent us from planting a well-felt buzzer-beater in our first game! Subsequently, you have the option of getting into the NBA after a few university games, or on the contrary to persevere in college. A choice that has its place and fits your favorite way of playing. There is something for all tastes, in a mode my player rather successful.

For the rest, the fantastic Mode MyTeam is more or less the same and we are not tarnished there, not our cam to see Isiah Thomas be able to put on the Bulls jersey. The mode MyGM no change is seen either. It’s a shame as its system of credits and actions limits per day is horrible and described, and we hope that a real new wind will blow in this mode with the new generation of consoles which will arrive in the coming months. On the other hand, the MyGM scnaris, expressed last year, has disappeared as it was too, described as a bitter failure filled with inconsistencies. To have fun with your favorite team, it’s still Fashion MyLeague that will have to be privileged. If it is also identical to the previous opuses, slight alterations are made to it such as the possibility of simulating a regular season in full, saving time. On the other hand, it is always so difficult to tank with a weak team, and we can feel the game compensating for the players with the least management skills. Are contract extensions within your team more difficult to negotiate, but the opportunity to attract a big star to your franchise is always so easy to achieve. Subsequently, the quest for an NBA title is simplified, and it took us only 3 seasons to obtain the title of champion with the Chicago Bulls, almost 25 years after the legendary team of Michael Jordan. Special mention for Coby White, absolutely untenable in the game.


If NBA 2K21 does not know any revolution on current consoles, we can all the same congratulate the developers who have applied to carry out an applied edition despite the revival of the video game industry which will make the game half obsolete in a few months. The Gameplay is very successful and is done violence to satisfy players in search of realism, and more than a shower of crazy shots outside. A feeling a little spoiled by the possibility of reverting to the old firing gauge, far too simplistic, where the new version is quite successful, too. For the rest, we repeat, NBA 2K21 brings no revolution and is content to update its 2020 edition very well. All eyes will now be on this same NBA 2K21 and its version on the next machines of Microsoft and Sony expected as a major turning point in the video game world. The few extracts seen on social networks leave you dreaming about the new graphics engine of the game and its possibility of pushing back the virtual barriers a little more.

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