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The weeks go by and look the same for Kévin Avoine. Second in the Tour du Loiret a fortnight ago, the CC Nogent-sur-Oise rider tried his luck, in a stage race, in the Tour de la Manche. And once again, he climbed to the second step of the podium in a race that was mainly played at the 4e stage, Saturday (see rankings). “I had a big sign, I assume. Second does not interest me, even if it means losing everything we will do everything to make war”, he then let go on arrival Saturday, in Saint-Martin-des-Champs.

But the last stage, this Sunday, did not allow any great maneuver against the competitors of AC Bisontine of Simon Combes, who brought the yellow back to Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. “It’s a more than satisfactory weekend, the race was very padlocked. We changed our plans along the way. We had missed the first stage with Killian (Théot), who is for me one of the best if he is not the best sprinter of the French amateur peloton. There we knew that the finish was for him “. In this regard everything worked as expected since his teammate finally raised his arms.


Kévin Avoine thus played the model team members. “I took the handle then we recovered Romain (Bacon) who was in front. He started and let me go at the bottom of the finish line. (on the last 400 meters, Editor’s note). Despite the headwind I don’t get caught up, it’s only Killian who overtakes me at the end. We do 1 and 2, we can’t hope for better “. This double rewards a perfect synergy between the two teammates. “Last week I worked a lot for him, I gave him a little gift. This race, he told me that he would give everything for me”.

On Saturday, Killian Théot let himself go to drop Kévin Avoine in the leading group. “I said I would return the favor. We play to help each other, it works. We are ranked overall and we win races. I was protected all day, I say Congratulations”. Even if the Nogentaise formation did not manage to reverse the general classification. “The circuit was not hard enough, the wind badly placed… there is no regrets to have. We changed the plan along the way. There is no point in scattering and doing 10, 11, 12. If I think only of myself and the general, we don’t win today (Sunday) “.


However, tactically, all was not perfect among the proteges of Arnaud Molmy. Especially when the riders of Côtes d’Armor-Marie Morin-U attempted a curb stroke along the sea. “We were the ones who wanted to put this edge in. But since we had Romain in front, we wondered why to do it. We managed and let it happen. Then on the circuit, all we had to do was unwind. and do what Arnaud had told us. Namely that if we launched we could not be beaten with our rollers. And we showed that when we took the handle we did not get fooled “.

The Tour de la Manche is therefore another success for the 23-year-old rider, who climbed to 6th place in the BBB-DirectVelo Challenge. “I assured my role, I applied to the letter what I was told. I think I’m really at a good level, I’m gaining strength from the Loiret. We have to keep in shape one more time. moment and we can breathe a little. I had small alerts like everyone else but I kept my calm in the final Saturday. Today (Sunday), it was not very hard, we had to play with it the vagaries of the race, but it was closed “. With an end in apotheosis thanks to this double at Granville. “When we apply what we are told, all we have to do is. It’s like a cooking recipe, we read, we did, it worked”. It remains to discover the next dish from chef Kévin Avoine.


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