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True fugitive nemesis!

Another fugitive was arrested at the Xueyou concert!

“Fugitive nemesis” Jacky Cheung shows his magical powers again!

In the past two short months, three fugitives have been arrested at Jacky Cheung’s concert tour. The king Jacky Cheung, who sang “I kiss you goodbye, in a street without people”, has also gained a new nickname – — “Fugitive Nemesis”.

Jacky Cheung, the king of heaven, held a concert at the door of his house, and the Jiangnan police were already gearing up for a special “gift” from the “fugitive nemesis”.

result! real! Send two fugitives! !


Peripheral patrol, harvest one

On the evening of June 9, shortly after the concert started, when the police of Jiangnan Public Security Bureau patrolled and checked the sports center, they found a suspicious man who kept approaching the audience outside the venue and asked if they needed tickets. After checking and comparing the information, it was found that the man’s name was Ma Moumou, who was a fugitive suspect in the country suspected of theft!

The fugitive was arrested for listening to the concert, and the star concert arrested the fugitive

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The patrolling police immediately handed over Ma Moumou to the Sumeng Police Station in the jurisdiction. According to Ma Moumou’s account, he has been reselling tickets for a long time, and his main business is train tickets and concert tickets. This time, I came to Jinhua specially, not only to make money for resale of concert tickets, but also because Jacky Cheung is his idol, if he can’t sell the tickets in his hand, he is ready to go to the scene to watch the concert up close.

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I have to say, Xueyou brother’s help is really full! At present, the suspect has been under criminal detention by Jiangnan police, and the case is being further processed.

▲I sang his heartbreak, I sang his heartbreak


The concert hasn’t started yet, get one

At 15:07 on June 9, more than 4 hours before the concert, the Sanjiang Police Station of Jiangnan Public Security Bureau received a clue that Zheng, a fugitive suspected of forging official documents of state organs, was going to Yiwu from Jinhua South Bus Station. The police patrolling near the South Bus Station went immediately and arrested the fugitive Zheng. At present, the suspect has been criminally detained by the police, and the case is being further processed.

I want to listen to the concert of the God of Songs

Must obey the law!

and also

Jiangnan Public Security wants to tell Xueyou brother

please do more concerts

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