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With our permanent correspondent Rolguy Doctor

In a room filled with students of philosophy from different educational institutions, the Providence Foundation launched the second edition of the Jacques Édouard Alexis excellence scholarship yesterday Sunday, September 13 in the premises of Amaranthe. An activity which took place in the presence of Daniel Cayard deputy director of the DDA MENFP and which benefited from a special intervention by the former PM Jacques Édouard Alexis.

As part of the launch of the second edition of the BEJEA, the foundation providence has planned a conference-debate on the theme “university and society” with Jacky Lumarque, rector of the University of Kiskeya, and Jacques Édouard Alexis. Due to a few drawbacks, only Jacques Édouard Alexis was able to intervene via the zoom application.

After a long intervention on his experiences and his career, the former Prime Minister Jacques Édouard Alexis let know that it was an honor for him to facilitate the study above 5 young people from his hometown via a full scholarship to Kiskeya University, an institution he founded in the 1990s. Mr. Alexis ended up encouraging young people to prepare themselves more in order to meet the requirements of the Stock Exchange.

The president of the Providence Foundation Marc Emmanuel Bertahud for his part, after presenting the plaques of honor awarded by the foundation to Mr. Jacques Édouard Alexis and to Mr. Daniel Cayard, to provide much more precision on how a student can benefit of the stock market.

“This BEJEA (Jacques Édouard Alexis Excellence Scholarship) program aims only for excellence. We have a lot of young people registered and there will be a follow-up according to the protocol of the program. In the follow-up, there are several stages. The first is the kick-off what we did Today, the second is a remedial seminar to help children fill in the gaps caused by missed school days and ultimately a career counseling session. To be a beneficiary of this scholarship, the student must position himself among the best in this year’s baccalaureate results and pass the Quisqueya University admission test. Fellows will choose the courses they want for each session of their own accord ”.

Several young people who participated in this launch, have indicated that the challenge is certainly enormous, but they will do everything in their power to be part of the 5 people who will benefit from this scholarship.

The Jacques Édouard Alexis grant (BJEA), is an initiative of the Providence Foundation through its president Marc Emmanuel Berthaud. The objective is to enable 5 students from the city of Gonaïves who give good results in state exams and who cannot afford to pay a university to benefit from a full scholarship to Kiskeya University.

The scholarship bears this name, with the idea of ​​paying tribute to the exemplary academic career of Gonaïviens Jacques Édouard Alexis.

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