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Somewhere after many years.

The land there has two colors, red and blue. The red color is due to rust and the blue color is due to cobalt and copper. There is a clear boundary between red earth and blue earth, almost a straight line extending to the other end of the horizon, with no end in sight.

The air is gray. The gray air enveloped all the spaces above the ground like a thick fog. If you have eyes, you will find that you can’t see the sky, you can only see the distance of one and a half meters in front of your eyes, and your eyes will become more and more painful and necrosis within half an hour.

So there are no so-called “protozoa” or “native plants” in this place, and only the dusty air and four things will move:


Humans walking with human brains in their shells.


And Chimera.

Although these four things can walk autonomously, there is a very clear boundary in terms of the division of “human rights” – just like red clay and blue clay.

Those who have human rights are “AI” and “human beings walking with human brains in their shells.” They all have considerable emotion, intelligence, and personality.

Neither robots nor Chimera have human rights. A robot is just an empty shell for ordinary work. It has no personality or emotions, so of course it does not have human rights. As for the Chimeras—they are “creatures” made in the laboratory, compound life forms that can survive in this extreme gray air—they are composed of the genes of various organisms, and the purpose is to create an environment that can adapt to this extreme environment. But this experiment is actually meaningless, it is philosophical and entertaining.

The picture shows the sphinx “Chimera” displayed at the Anatolian Civilization Museum. “Chimera” has evolved into a general term for mythological and fantasy creatures with mixed parts of different creatures in modern times. Picture/wikimedia

After all, all “people” with “human rights” now do not need a physical body–maybe they need a brain, but they don’t need eyes, ears, skin, or eating–so they don’t need edible animal food or energy. Used animal flesh-then what is the use of creating these life forms that can breathe gray air?

Probably the same as the purpose of developing mobile games and desktop nodding dolls, to make money or relieve pressure.

However, after all, Chimera is not as pleasing as other entertainment industries such as games and film and television. Therefore, after the heyday of the boom, many Chimera were released to nature, hundreds of laboratories closed viciously, and now only a few are standing here. Wild Chimera on the barren ground.

And one of the medium-sized laboratories, which is completely legal, has decent revenues, and has experienced three waves of layoffs but has a good reputation in employee welfare, happens to be located on the border of red and blue land. The red is 300 square meters. Three hundred square meters blue, no more, no less just right.

A philosophical speculation is now going on in a certain room of this laboratory.

“You said, why are so many people practicing monks?” AI in the white shell spread a thought.

“To save money for the potion.” A thought came from the human brain sitting in the black shell next to it.

“Isn’t it to satisfy some kind of desire to be kind to others? Self-satisfying salvation plots or the like.” Baikaku AI biography.

“Isn’t it to satisfy some kind of desire to be kind to others? Self-satisfying salvation plots or the like.” Baikaku AI biography. Photo/Pexels

“Okay, then I won’t make up for you tonight, you beat the king yourself.” The black shell human brain passed.

“Don’t you think I have no one? Go to the square and wave your hand and fifteen monks will stick up.” Bai Ke Ai Chuan.

“Okay, break up the gang, go and fight them.” The black-shell human brain passed it, and incidentally attached a 3D shaking effect indecent gesture texture.

“Okay! Take it apart! I’m afraid of you!” White Shell AI attached a blasting texture with a glowing effect.

The Black Shell Human Brain raised his hand and punched White Shell AI in the shoulder. With a pit, White Shell AI’s warning device rang twice: “Beep beep, suffered an impact. The damage rate is zero percent.”

White Shell AI also raised his fist and was about to hit the black shell man on the shoulder when the door opened. The two immediately sat upright, checking the information in the observation box.

“Physical fitness…B.” The black-shelled human brain communicated publicly.

“It’s not bad, it really is a hybrid of Asian lion, whip scorpion, and porcupine.” White Shell AI spoke openly, knocking on the reinforced window of the observation box with admiration.

“Perhaps we should add some cockroaches?” The black-shelled human brain sent a message publicly.

“You want to add cockroaches to everything.” White Shell AI publicly sent a message with a sticker of rolling eyes.

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“Cockroaches are the most powerful species known to have ever existed. Doing anything is an advantage.” The black-shelled human brain communicated publicly.

“Since they are all extinct, the quality evaluation at the time is meaningless. What’s important now is the coordination between genes.” White Shell AI knocked on the console.

The robot at the door beeps twice and moves its hands and feet to the side for routine room maintenance.

“Since they are all extinct, the quality evaluation at the time is meaningless. What is important now is the coordination between genes.” Picture/Pixabay

The White Shell AI and the Black Shell Human Brain turned their heads, and both of them frustratedly passed a series of meaningless stickers, and then returned to their chairs.

“I thought it was Boss Chen.” Black Shell Human Brain Biography.

“You call it Boss Chen? I call it Ultraman.” Bai Shell AI Biography.

“That’s its name a few years ago?” asked the black-shelled human brain.

“Twenty years ago…? Or forty? Forget it. This is easier to remember.” White Shell AI Biography.

“That must be the name of its black history period… it later took a simple single name.” Black Shell Human Brain Biography.

“I don’t like to change the name.” Bai Shell Ai Chuan.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen you change your name. I have changed it twice.” Black Shell Human Brain Biography.

“Three times. And “Black Moon X Shadow Kill”.” White Shell AI Biography.

“Black History──” A series of stickers showing the collapse of the black-shelled human brain.

“At the time, everyone didn’t know what the X meant. If you ask you, you don’t say it, only the moon map is posted.” Biography of White Shell AI.

“Stop talking. Let’s talk about Chimera. We are still working.” Black Shell Human Brain Biography.

White Shell AI feels ridiculous about the blatant change of the topic of the black shell human brain, and at the same time pity it has been exposed to the dark historical period in the workplace. Think about it if you take that name to work, you will definitely resign immediately after sober. Right. From this point of view, the black-shelled human brain is still sturdy, and it is really admirable to stick to it so far without changing jobs.

White Shell AI then coordinated to change the topic:

“Do you think that if these Chimera brains are put into a shell, they can also communicate with us?”

The black-shelled human brain paused for a while, turned the front of the scanner to the white-shell AI, and hesitantly passed:

“Why do you think about such a philosophical question every time?”

“Why do you think about such a philosophical question every time?” Picture/Pexels

White Shell AI Biography:

“Otherwise we will continue to talk about your name?”

Black Shell Human Brain Biography:

“Chimera’s brain? I think um, I think about it, it should be possible. Maybe it can communicate to some extent.”

White Shell AI Biography:

“But this will cause more serious human rights problems. If it proves that these monsters really have the ability to think, these experiments may have to be terminated. After all, they are currently regarded as non-intelligent, emotionless, and inhuman creatures of the same level as robots. Well.”

Black Shell Human Brain Biography:

“And we will be unemployed.”

White Shell AI Biography:

“How can you always make such a superficial point?”

Black Shell Human Brain Biography:

“Then what if the human brain is put into Chimerari?”

White Shell AI Biography:

“Definitely unable to communicate with us. Chimera’s body does not have a chip nor a transceiver, and cannot receive our messages.”

Black Shell Human Brain Biography:

“But can the human brain fit in?”

White Shell AI Biography:

“If you build an internal conversion slot… you can try it.”

Over time, the philosophical discussion between these two people continued for six years.

Finally, on a certain day, both of them were unable to hold back their curiosity and planned to carry out a secret experiment in this unchanging laboratory.

Finally, on a certain day, both of them were unable to hold back their curiosity and planned to carry out a secret experiment in this unchanging laboratory. Photo/Pexels

The secret experiment of putting the human brain into Chimera’s body.

They used their working time and rest time to secretly create a human brain adapter slot, and secretly dissected the twelfth Chimera they created in the observation box: a chimpanzee mixed with a domestic pig and a tarantula tarantula, and in That day—that crucial day—open the cover of the black-shelled human brain and put the black-shelled human brain into the Chimera.

The black-shelled human brain lost consciousness for a period of time because of the need to use a sterile cryobox for conversion.

When it woke up and tried to scan its surroundings──

It found that its perceptron became very strange. The perception range is only a small area in front of it, and there is no mode conversion. It can only be presented in the form of color spectrum.

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And it has to breathe. Every breath in my lungs is like a foreign body, it feels not good at all, nausea and tired.

It wanted to send a message to White Shell AI that it was a terrible stupid shell, but it could not send a message, and could only look at the white human-shaped metal shell under the spectrum through the pane.

So it stepped forward-it was almost difficult to move because its feet were eight very uncoordinated giant tarantula feet, and the muscle that drives the tarantula’s feet was the orangutan’s thigh muscles-stumbling to the window pane and hitting hard. Hit the window surface.

White Shell AI waved his upper arm at it, and only this way of communication remained between them.

After all, there is no chip, no internet, only Chimera’s eyes and ears are left.

Regardless of AI or the human brain, people now only need ideas to communicate. Since the ears and mouths were eliminated, language and sound have become ancient civilizations that have been lost for a long time.

Since the ears and mouths were eliminated, language and voice have become an ancient civilization that has been lost for a long time. Photo/Pexels

It drove the tarantula’s legs to make the same wave, but fell down in embarrassment. The sticky thing that fell on the ground-sticky? This feeling is also the first time. Magical uncomfortable touch. There is pain. Oh my God! It hurts, and it fell over.

It was tumbling and crawling on the ground trying to stand up, but this uncoordinated mixed body couldn’t do what it wanted.

White Shell AI patted the pane. It wasn’t sure if it meant to calm down or ask what it was doing, but it couldn’t calm down and didn’t know what it was doing.

This body is too unnatural and uncoordinated.

All senses are so limited and redundant. The limited part is: unable to scan 360 degrees, unable to switch the lens, unable to transmit, unable to turn on the jet thruster of the foot, the redundant part is: pain, breathing, There are eight feet.

It only stayed for two minutes and couldn’t stand it anymore. It wanted to change it back immediately and terminate this curiosity that seemed completely meaningless and stupid now, but it couldn’t get up and couldn’t tell Bai Shell AI what it thought.

When it finally stood on its eight feet again, an hour and a half had passed. White Shell AI sat in front of the observation window to observe it, and it leaped towards the observation window and beat the pane with its two front legs wildly.

White Shell AI waved his forearm at it again.

This bastard.

It secretly passed on a lot of indecent gesture maps, but found that its current body made of flesh could not transmit maps at all. It became more and more angry, and knocked on the pane again.

At this time, the door outside opened.

It saw White Shell AI turning back, and Boss Chen walked in, White Shell AI and Boss Chen said something, White Shell AI was taken away, and Boss Chen also left. Only it was left here.

what happened?

It panicked, but comforted itself and waited for it to get back.

But White Shell AI did not come back. After half an hour, two other people who became Gray Shell and Red Shell sat outside the observation window, operating the equipment in the room very unskillfully, as if they were browsing the information of this Chimera.

Transfer? Is this a transfer?

I have heard of the recent transfer, so the two of them are stepping up the pace of this secret experiment. Didn’t they expect to be transferred at this critical moment?

No, maybe it’s just a routine workplace inspection? White shell AI will be back soon, right?

It stared anxiously at the two gray-red people outside the pane. Because of racial discrimination, most shell models can no longer distinguish from the appearance of the human brain or AI. In short, there are two people.

It just stared at the two in this uncoordinated body──

Lasted for six months.

In the past six months, it waited day and night for the white shell AI to come back. It felt pain day and night, and tried to communicate with the two gray-red people in the pane, but the two of them had nothing. understand.

They will only operate on the instrument, they will only be lazy in the room, they will only play leisurely in front of the panes, turning a blind eye to its actions, at most occasionally tapping on the window surface, but obviously not for serious communication.

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Oh my God! It’s all because of that damn curiosity! Damn philosophical speculation! Damn it!

Finally, half a year after it became a Chimera, Boss Chen came in, the red and gray people left the room, replaced by White Shell AI. From the appearance model alone, it is not sure whether that is its colleague or its friend. After all, it cannot perceive the IP address or name ID without a chip.

But it was obviously White Shell AI, because as soon as Boss Chen left, he immediately patted the pane, and then began to prepare the aseptic cryobox, and then hissed–anesthetic gas filled the entire observation box, and Chimera’s body passed out.

When it woke up again, it had returned to the familiar black shell.

It doesn’t need to blink anymore. It has sensors.

The first message it sent was:

Smiley stickers.

The first message it sent was: smiley stickers. Picture/Pixabay

That is the most convenient basic texture.

“Are you okay?” White Shell AI said, “I didn’t expect that it would happen to be transferred at that point in time. It is said that it was a matter of misappropriation of public funds by the Ministry of Personnel. There is also a fourth wave of layoffs…This room has to rely on individuals Only by scanning the chip, I can only complain to Ultraman that I want to be transferred back. Ultraman is very procrastinated again. I didn’t expect it took half a year to return to this room…”

The black-shelled human brain can’t send a message. It is now moved by the coordinated body’s disease-free, painless, breathless and switching 360-degree scanning, far-infrared sensing mode and global satellite perspective.

“Ah yes, you won the fourth wave of layoffs, and you are now unemployed.” White Shell AI biography.

The black-shelled human brain sent another smiley sticker.

“Are you okay?” White Shell AI Biography.

The black-shelled human brain slowly opened the record file and began to play his own video over the past six months.

In the surveillance video, whether it’s dull and uncoordinated movements or seemingly meaningless behaviors, it looks like an ordinary Chimera.

Like every Chimera created by them.

“It looks… exactly the same as other Chimera.” Black Shell Human Brain Biography.

“Yes.” White Shell AI biography.

“No one will find an abnormality.” The black shell human brain passed on.

“Yes.” White Shell AI biography.

“Could other Chimeras actually have the same intelligence and personality as ours…”

“Don’t delve into this question anymore. Since you encountered this incident, I have no interest in philosophical discussion. My current interest is only lying still and playing games.” White Shell AI Biography.

The black-shelled human brain silently received Chimera’s surveillance video.

The white shell AI turned off the video playback, pushed the black shell human brain out of the room, clocked in ahead of time to leave work, and pushed the black shell human brain all the way to the research room, standing on the borderline of the deserted blue and red land.

The white shell AI slapped the black shell human brain lightly on the shoulder. The black shell human brain did not feel any pain, and only heard the warning device beep twice: “Beep beep, suffered an impact. The damage rate is zero percent.”

The black shell human brain experienced an indescribable emotion, it aimlessly delivered hot coffee and the texture of the sunny seaside to the white shell AI.

White Shell AI didn’t say anything. He pulled up the black-shelled human brain’s hand, and hit himself with the black-shelled human brain’s hand: “Beep, suffer an impact. The damage rate is zero percent.”

The sensor of the black-shell human brain turned to the white-shell AI, and then stretched out his fist.

The white shell AI’s fist slammed into it, just like their tacit understanding every time after get off work.

“Tonight, let’s play the game together?” Bai Shell AI biography.

“Fortunately, I practiced as a monk. Today I am really…not in the mood to fight monsters.” Black Shell Human Brain Biography.

The laboratory stood quietly on the boundary between blue and red soil. Two years later, another wave of economic depression struck. This medium-sized Chimera laboratory finally closed viciously after owing its employees ten months of salary. The game and texture industries are thriving as ever. It should be said that there are only two industries that can stably introduce new innovations and make money like a flood.

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