The five-year-old boy ran away from his mother in Ostrava from his kindergarten. He went off the bridge to watch the trains


Witnesses saw the child on the bridge in Ostrava-Vítkovice. They immediately dialed the city police emergency line, which set out for the scene.

“On Friday, after half past eight in the morning, the police officers received an announcement on line 156 about a small child who is standing on one of the bridges in Ostrava-Vítkovice and looks confused. After arriving at the place, the patrol actually saw a little boy standing in the middle of the bridge over the railway corridor, from where he watched the passing trains, “said Jindřich Machů, a spokesman for the Ostrava city police, describing the situation.

“At first, the boy did not communicate at all. Over time, one of the officers managed to gain his trust through an empathetic approach. He confided to a police officer that he had escaped his mother from kindergarten. He used the moment when he was taking his younger brother to another department for a refined escape. He also told the policeman that he lives nearby and his father is at home, “Machů added.

Even with a little adventurer, the police officers went to his residence. After the ring, a surprised father opened the door for them. “He repeatedly thanked the officers and also explained the whole situation to them. After the necessary actions to verify his identity, the police officers handed the little boy over to his father, “Machů concluded.


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