The first reviews of “Cyberpunk” are here. Admiration, but also disappointment in the fight


The game may exceed the high expectations of players, although the unfinished version still contains a lot of minor bugs – judged by industry journalists in pre-release reviews.

CD Projekt’s quotations started Friday’s session with slight increases. After 9 for the studio share you have to pay PLN 371 after an increase by 0.8%. Yesterday evening, the embargo on pre-premiere reviews of “Cyberpunk 2077”, which will hit the market on December 10, was lifted. The date was postponed three times. The studio declares that the December one is already final.

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The reviews are positive. They were prepared by journalists from some of the largest industry portals, who played Cyberpunk this week for several hours.

“It’s a world weird as hell where you can completely lose yourself just as you wish. Even after two full days, I feel like I barely began to see what’s here, and the deeper I went, the more exciting it was. After 16 hours with Cyberpunk, I left hungry, hungry for more ”- this is an excerpt from the opinion of Tom Marks, representing the IGN industry portal. When it comes to the drawbacks of the game, in addition to the errors that occur, he also mentions the issue of combat in the game.

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“It’s not bad, but if you play Cyberpunk like a regular FPS (first-person shooter – ed.), You will probably be disappointed” – says the reviewer.

Sam Loveridge from Gamesradar titled her review as follows: “16 hours with Cyberpunk 2077 and I don’t want to leave Night City.” He emphasizes that the latest CD Projekt production is extremely addictive and very complex.

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