The first photo of the Russian opponent Navalni after his poisoning


The Russian opponent Alexei Navalni today greeted his followers through Instagram and showed signs of his progressive recovery from the bed he occupies at the Berlin University Hospital Charité, where he has been admitted since last August 22 after suffering an attack with a nerve agent, identified by the German authorities as a poison from the Navochok group. Hello, this is Navalni. Yesterday I was able to breathe alone all day ”, writes the anti-corruption activist in this social network after the doctors who treat him removed the assisted breathing apparatus that had helped him survive since he arrived in the German capital. The message is accompanied by a photo in which the 44-year-old lawyer can be seen in the hospital bed, hugged by his wife Yulia and accompanied by their two children, Daria (author of the selfie) and Sachar. Navalni sends special memories to his followers in his message, whom he claims to miss.

Meanwhile, Alexei Navalni’s environment assures that the dissident does not intend to stay in Germany and request asylum, but rather to return to Russia as soon as possible to continue his work. He will do so as soon as his health allows, says his spokesperson, Kira Jarmysch, in statements to the digital edition of the newspaper ‘Bild’. There has never been another alternative, Jarmysch adds. Navalni’s health status improves progressively, while the patient regains mobility, the specialists of the ‘Charité’ pointed out this Monday in a brief part, in which they highlighted that he can even get out of bed at times due to his own foot. For the first time since he was in treatment at the prestigious medical center, he was able to personally decide what information was transmitted to the media. Until then, his wife, Yulia, was responsible for approving the communications. The poisoning of Navalni with a nerve agent from the ‘Novichok’ group was also confirmed this Monday by two independent laboratories in France and Sweden, to which the federal government turned to confirm the results obtained by chemical warfare specialists from the ‘Bundeswehr’, the German federal army.

Both Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have described the poisoning of the Russian dissident as an “assassination attempt”, which, according to both, could only be executed by members of the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both have demanded a swift and transparent investigation into the circumstances of the attack on Alexei Navalni, who collapsed and lost consciousness on a commercial flight while returning from the Siberian city of Tomsk to Moscow. Germany has further reported in detail and provided organic samples taken at the “Charité” to the Russian lawyer for his own analysis to be carried out by the Organization for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (OPCW). The Berlin executive considers that this treaty has been violated by the use of a substance created by the Soviet Union for chemical warfare and which is only available to Russia worldwide.


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