The first IPTV 8K zone is online. The overtaking battle on the 8K ultra-high-definition track | DVBCN

A few days ago, the first domestic IPTV platform that provides users with 8K content services, jointly created by 4K Garden and New Media, was officially born. With the gradual implementation of the 8K ultra-high-definition video industry, in the future, IPTV and even public network OTT in various regions will most likely have the need to activate or play 8K content.

“The launch of the 8K zone means that the whole process of 8K upgrade has been realized from shooting and production to network transmission to terminal display. 8K TV users can truly watch long-term 8K program content and have a better audio-visual experience. Stay in the previous stage of watching short films and promotional videos.” said Dong Ming, 4K Garden Operations Director.

It is reported that the 8K zone has been launched on Xiyue TV under the New Media Co., Ltd., providing users in Guangdong with more than 100 hours of real 8K programs, and there will be at least 20 hours of content updates every month. The biggest feature of the 8K zone in terms of content composition is that it is customized for the main users of all circles, covering fitness, children, food, beauty, pets, concerts and other vertical content.

Talking about the advantages of 4K Garden in 8K content production and shooting, Wang Zijian, general manager of 4K Garden original content, believes that there are three aspects: technology, equipment, and experience, none of which are indispensable.

At the technical level, from the early stage shooting, the on-site DIT monitoring to the later stage color rendering, etc., the 4K garden can achieve true 8K full-process production. At the equipment level, 4K Garden has about 20 sets of 8K early stage photography equipment, and about forty sets of the highest configuration equipment dedicated to 8K editing and color correction, which have a certain scale. In terms of experience, 4K Garden has always been at the forefront of the production and production of ultra-high-definition content. Since 2018, it has been studying and shooting 8K ultra-high-definition content, and has made enough investment and content reserves. This is also the 8K zone that can be launched this time. Foundation and premise.

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As early as March 2019, the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and China Central Radio and Television Station put forward the overall technical route of “4K first, taking into account 8K”. Promote the development of the ultra-high-definition video industry and applications in related fields, and pointed out that in 2022, the overall scale of my country’s ultra-high-definition video industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan, the number of ultra-high-definition video users will reach 200 million, and the sales of 8K TV terminals will account for more than the proportion of total TV sales. 5%.

The first IPTV 8K zone is online. The overtaking battle on the 8K ultra-high-definition track-DVBCN

Broadly speaking, the promotion of 8K ultra-high-definition video content is inseparable from three elements.

One is bandwidth.Prior to this, the 8K zone could not be opened in China. The big reason was that the conditions for network transmission were not met. Due to the high resolution and high bit rate of 8K content, its requirements for bandwidth are quite high. With the vigorous development of 5G and three gigabit by operators in the past two years, the cost of home bandwidth is now reduced and the speed is gradually increasing, which can already meet the demand for 8K playback.

The second is hardware.Currently 4K TVs have become mainstream models, and 8K TVs must be the next-generation development direction. The current mainstream size of 8K TVs is 65 inches, and terminal manufacturers will also actively promote larger 8K TVs. In the future, it will not only be 75 inches, but will even reach 86 inches and 98 inches.

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With the increase in 8K TV shipments and the layout of the industry, 8K TV prices will show a downward trend. In 2019, the price of domestic 8K TVs is about 30,000 yuan, and this year, 75-inch domestic brand 8K TVs of about 8,000 yuan have appeared. The monthly sales of 8K TVs, the top of the e-commerce platform sales this year, have reached nearly 10,000 units. It is conservatively estimated that the overall domestic sales of 8K TVs will be about 80,000 units, and it is optimistic that it will reach 300,000 units.

Once the number of terminal users increases and the monetization model is formed, there will be more and more enterprises and organizations that will subsequently produce 8K content. In the future, users will have a stronger purchase demand for 8K TVs, which will further upgrade the home audio-visual experience.

The third is content.This is the pain point that the current 8K ultra-high-definition video industry needs to solve. The production cost of 8K content is quite high; from HD to 4K or even 8K, production efficiency will be doubled; in addition, the cost of storage space is also higher.

There are very few 8K content on the market at present. The reason is that there is no good online channel for 8K content. Most of the time, the 8K content is downgraded to 4K or high-definition and delivered to the platform for use.

As far as terminal manufacturers are concerned, Kang Lu, senior manager of Changhong Multimedia’s Global Product Planning Center, also pointed out that the essential purpose of consumers buying TVs is to watch content. The most direct impact of experience is still content.

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Since Changhong took the lead in launching the industry’s first 8K TV in early 2020, it has been actively seeking cooperation with high-quality 8K content sources such as Tencent, iQiyi, and 4K Garden. At present, Changhong 8K TV not only ranks first in the industry in terms of market share, but also ranks first in the richness of 8K content in the industry. In the future, not only 8K film and television content, but also from a horizontal perspective, Changhong is also vigorously expanding 8K content resources in fitness, games, education and other aspects.

Kang Road said that the current era of national production of content, so users’ independent production of 8K content is bound to be the future trend.

From the perspective of the domestic environment, this year the general station has launched an 8K ultra-high-definition channel test, realizing the 8K live broadcast test of the Spring Festival Gala. Next year’s Winter Olympics will be coming soon. With the help of the 8K live broadcast of the Winter Olympics, the number of 8K users will explode.

The country has begun to pay attention, and the industry has gradually formed the consciousness of producing 8K content. In addition to the large TV screen, 8K can also be better presented on the outdoor large screen. Outdoor media needs to be eye-catching in a short period of time, and can play cool short videos in naked-eye 3D, or public welfare videos. As far as the VR side is concerned, 8K is just the beginning. In the future, 12K, 16K or even 32K ultra-high-definition video will bring a better audio-visual experience through VR images.


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