The first good news for Sorin Oprescu

Oprescu will be taken to the Military Hospital in the Capital, although, in the request, he requested to be taken to the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital.

Sorin Oprescu’s lawyers submitted, on Tuesday, a request to the Capital Police for the former mayor to undergo medical investigations at the University Hospital in the Capital, after he felt ill on Monday and arrived at the hospital for a check-up.

Sorin Oprescu wants to be consulted by two cardiologists, Leonida Gherasim and Dragoş Vinereanu, from the University Hospital in Bucharest.

He is imprisoned for bribery

Sorin Oprescu has been closed since September 6. He is accused of receiving a bribe of 25,000 euros from the owner of a company that wanted to make sure he had a firm contract with the mayor’s office and that he would be paid for his work. However, Oprescu claimed that the money was a loan and asked the judges to change the measure of pre-trial detention to house arrest. The request is to be tried this week at the Bucharest Tribunal.

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