The first chamber concert of the 22/23 season

chamber concert

On September 28, 2022, three exceptional artists invite you to the first chamber concert of the 2022/23 season: NWD solo clarinetist Max Schweiger and NWD solo cellist Jovan Pantelich, together with pianist Michael Meyer, form a top-class chamber music formation and perform three masterpieces: The evening will be with Ludwig van Beethoven’s legendary composition, also known as the “Gassenhauer Trio”. The naming of the work, composed in 1798, goes back to an opera melody that was used in the piece and was very popular at the time, for which the term “Gassenhauer” was common at the time.

After the clarinet briefly leaves the stage, Leoš Janáček’s composition “Pohádka” (fairy tale) for cello and piano can be heard, in which the Czech master tells a little story about the young tsarevich and the princess musically.

The full cast then reassembles after the interval and performs Brahms’ Op. 114 Clarinet Trio. Brahms had actually already retired as a composer, but then he met the clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld and wrote four outstanding chamber music works for him with clarinet participation, including the Trio in A minor.

You are cordially invited to this chamber concert!

MI / 28. 09. 22 / 20:00
Herford, NWD Studio

chamber concert

Ludwig van Beethoven Trio in B major op. 11 “Gassenhauer”
Leoš Janacek “Pohádka” for cello and piano
Johannes Brahms Trio a-Moll op. 114

Max Schweigerclarinet
Jovan Pantelich, Cello
Michael Meyer,


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