The Federation takes out the artillery to help football alleviate the crisis


The Spanish Football Federation (FEF) it removes the artillery to help the clubs to alleviate the effects of the crisis unleashed in the sport king by the coronavirus pandemic. Luis Rubiales announced this Wednesday a ambitious package of social and economic proposals to mitigate the impact of the paralysis of the competitions, with the serious damages that this brings to the pocket of the entities and of some soccer players on whom the threat of ERTEs or salary reductions hangs, while there is still no date for the ball to return to roll.

Among the initiatives spelled out by the FEF president at the end of a telematic meeting with the top leaders of the territorial federations, the proposal for a preferential line of credit, with a minimum of 500 million euros, for all First and Second Division teams through a syndicated loan, inviting LaLiga to participate in the negotiations that are being carried out with the main financial entities in the country.

Also outstanding is the advance of four million euros for non-professional football clubs so that they can pay the salaries of players and coaches while tournaments remain detained in an exceptional situation due to the health crisis. Said advance of the treasury will have a repayment term of two seasons without interest and the clubs of Second B and Third, First and Second and Second B of futsal and First and Second Division of Female Futsal will be able to access it. In the same way, punctual help will be offered to the women’s soccer clubs of the Elite Program that accredit economic difficulties.

“Soccer is now very unimportant compared to what is really important, the problem we have with a pandemic that is a global problem, but we continue working for football“Rubiales remarked, highlighting that” all the subsidies that had to be paid are on time “and stressed that the same will happen with those that have to be paid in April.

The President of the Federation announced that there will be free licenses for the next two years in non-professional football and explained that the body is willing to admit the postponement of any debts that the clubs may incur with the players during the period of inactivity, guaranteeing all wages after negotiation with the unions.

No date for the return of the competition

Regarding elite soccer, whose competitions will remain suspended until the Government considers that his return is safe for health, Rubiales stressed that they do not set a schedule for his return. «We don’t set a deadline to resume the championship. The first is the recovery of the country. We will have to add a lot to reconstruct many situations. When the time comes, it will be guaranteeing the health and integrity of the competition, “said the president of the Federation.

He elaborated on the idea of ​​completing the tournaments in their entirety, as he already did after the postponement of the Eurocopa a week ago to the summer of 2021. «We have always advocated because a season that has a tremendous number of games must end. The only way to end this season is to get to the end, that’s why we don’t set a deadline or want to return at all costs. First, end this season and then, if there are any dates left, we will see the next one».

That doesn’t mean I catch a glimpse of an express calendar. «We have heard that of playing every 48 hours continuously and we do not see it as viable, sincerely. We must give tools to recover the lost games when the time comes, but health is above all, “he proclaimed in an appearance in which he offered his hand to LaLiga but in which discrepancies arose about the way to resume the activity a Once the authorities give the green light. “We understand that the players will not have to be squeezed, they are people. Although they are training at home, recovering the rhythm of competition and so on … Those of us who have played football know that playing every 48 hours is very difficult, “he insisted.

That is why the Federation contemplates the possibility that the season will extend beyond June 30, which could cause problems in the case of those soccer players whose contracts expire on that date. “Whether contracts are extended or not, all clubs will be on equal terms. As of today we do not have a result on whether contracts can be extended, “admitted Rubiales in an intervention in which he wanted to launch a message of” union, trust, hope, rigor, prudence and discipline. “

Rubiales offers the hotel of the Spanish team as a hospital

In addition to the wide battery of measures aimed at softening the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economic situation of the clubs and their footballers, Luis Rubiales detailed a series of initiatives with a social impact to contribute to the enormous efforts that the authorities and, above all, , health personnel are dedicating to combat an epidemic that leaves thousands of dead and infected in Spain. In this sense, the President of the Federation offered the Hotel Residencia de la Ciudad del Fútbol de las Rozas, where the team is housed, as a hospital, to rest the medical staff or “for whatever they want.”

In an appearance in which he remarked that soccer is now in a “fourth or fifth plane because the fundamental thing is the recovery of the country”, Rubiales announced the provision of a team of Federation psychologists and physiotherapists to the health services so that they take care of the sanitary personnel who need it.

He also advanced the intention of allocating a large amount for research aid, contributing an economic amount each season that has already been communicated to the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), where clubs, sponsors may collaborate , federations and athletes. “The Federation has saved an important financial sum, the amount of which is already known by the Government and the COE, so that other federations, the Olympic Committee, athletes or sponsors want to collaborate in a long-term research project,” stressed the top soccer leader. Spanish.


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