The father of the alleged decades admitted that he had not seen the children. The family does not believe in their existence

The South African newspaper Pretoria News reported on the birth of tithes last Monday. The shocking news came just weeks after Malijka Halima Cisse gave birth to nine-year-olds. This is one of the reasons why many people thought that the information was not true, especially when the South African authorities stated that they had no report that such a complex birth would take place in either a private or public maternity hospital.

However, the father of the alleged children, Tebogo Tsotetsi, insisted, and through him the mother asked for financial and material assistance. South Africans began to make massive contributions on behalf of the couple, and companies competed with movable donations. Pretoria News and its publisher, the Independent Media Group, sharply attacked Gauteng officials, who questioned the story. Pretoria News journalists are said to have been in contact with both parents for several months before giving birth.

This week, the whole story began to unravel slowly. The location of Gosiame Sithole’s mother is currently unknown. The last time a child’s father saw her was he took her from Steve Bika Hospital out of labor pain on the day of the alleged birth. Its director, Mathabo Mathebul, confirmed this week to a local radio station that the woman showed up at the hospital last Saturday.

“She is not in the hospital right now. We do not know the whole background of the story. She showed up on Saturday afternoon, accompanied by security. She wanted to go to the neonatal unit because she wanted to see her children. She said that she gave birth at the Louis Pasteur clinic and there she was told that the children would be taken to our hospital, “said Mathebul. However, Louise Pasteur’s hospital denied that ten children were born in her hospital or that Gosiame Sithole was born.

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Don’t send us gifts anymore, my father appeals to the public

Tsotetsi’s family was unable to trace the woman where she was. After Sithole stopped communicating, the family turned to the police to report the missing person. Police interrogated Tsotetsi several times, informing them that he had received all the news about his birth and the circumstances following him from his wife in the form of text messages.

Shortly afterwards, the family issued a statement, including Tsotetsi’s, challenging its previous statement. “The family has come to the conclusion that tithes do not exist until proven otherwise. He also wishes to apologize to everyone for the inconvenience and embarrassment caused, “the statement said.

A spokesman for the family confirmed the authenticity of the statement, adding that now the family, including Tsotetsi, wanted to work with the authorities to ensure that his wife could be found as soon as possible so that she could return home safely. Tsotetsi also appealed to the public to stop sending donations to the family account.

What really happened remains unclear. A spokesman for the family only confirmed that the woman was indeed pregnant. It is not clear how many children she was expecting. It is also not clear whether she should or wanted to commit fraud or become the victim of someone who wanted to make money on her situation.

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