The fate of TikTok USA now in the hands of Donald Trump


Posted on Sep 16, 2020 at 8:27 AM

The summer soap opera will soon have its epilogue, Donald Trump’s ultimatum having now expired. The US president had given until September 15 for TikTok’s activities in the United States to come under the control of an American company, threatening to block the application in the country. Its conditions could be met – at least in part – in the coming hours: Bytedance, Chinese owner of the application, indeed seems very close to an agreement with Oracle.

The two parties would have agreed on a technological partnership, and not an outright sale. Oracle would thus take a minority stake, allowing Bytedance to retain control. In return, the United States would host the new headquarters for TikTok’s global activities. According to « Wall Street Journal », 25,000 jobs would be the key, a not insignificant data to obtain the favors of the White House. In addition, this partnership should respond to the concerns of the US administration about national security, TikTok being seen as a potential spy in the service of Beijing.

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