The exciting story of Yuma, the dog that saved a life – Good morning, Javi and Mar!

As great animal lovers, in Good morning, Javi and Mar! we wanted to thank and highlight the intelligence and selfless love that our pets provide us. Did you also have a dog or a cat that changed your life and that you remember fondly? We have discovered hundreds of stories and among all of them, Yuma the dog has touched our hearts.

Naomi called us at 900 444 100 to tell the story of her dog who, during a family vacation, performed an act worthy of a hero. On a gray day, the children went to the beach together with an adult, who was in charge of their surveillance. At one point in the morning, the sea changed and one of the little girls was in trouble to leave … the father, without hesitation, threw a stone into the sea, where the little girl was and Yuma jumped into the sea. It was then that the little girl was able to grab onto the dog’s collar, which pulled her out of the swell in which she had been trapped. Awesome! Listen to how Naomi has told us the story, it will thrill you.

Are cats or dogs smarter?

Among animal lovers there is often discussion about which animal is more intelligent: the dog or the cat. Several studies have linked the number of neurons with the ability to anticipate what may happen around them based on experiences that have already happened and … according to this, the dog would be smarter than the cat. The dog has 530 million neurons and the cat 250. From this research we could conclude that dogs are more intelligent but the behaviors of each of the animals, individually, can make us feel that no, that our animal (be it dog or cat) is the most intelligent.

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