The essential products so you can eat healthily

The hustle and bustle of day to day makes us fall into prepared or ultra-processed food making us carry a diet little rich in nutrients and not healthy.

Cook a balanced menu It does not have to be difficult if we have tools that facilitate this task in our kitchen. A good iron where nothing sticks, one vaporera that will cook all the food preserving its properties, a silicone case for quick microwave cooking, a pressure cooker that will speed up the cooking, a Slow cooking pot that can be programmed or a oil-free fryer so you don’t have to give up french fries.

From The Buyer of La Vanguardia we recommend these 6 products that will surely facilitate the task of cook healthy dishes, balanced and nutritious.

25% discount

Cosori oil free fryer

You save 40 euros

This is the best-selling oil-free fryer on Amazon and it is not surprising because he achieves great results with an 85% less calories than a traditional fry.

It works with 360 ° air circulation technology and it has a timer (1-60 min) and adjustable temperature (75ºC – 205 ℃) by displaying the recommended time and temperature on a large LED touch screen.

Its unique ‘Preheat / Preheat’ function ensures that the surface of the food heats up faster than other deep fryers to reduce water loss, create crispiness and retain its original flavor.

A perfect size fry (3.5l) for a household of 4 to 6 people. In addition, many of its components are can be washed in the dishwasher.

Buy for € 119.99 on Amazon

36% off

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

You save 25 euros

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

He ‘slow cooking’ is in fashion and has come to Spain to stay, as it fits perfectly with our lifestyle and our taste for traditional cuisine. It is ideal for those people who do not have much time or do not have great cooking knowledge, but who do not want to give up prepare delicious and healthy recipes.

The slow cookerUnlike other forms of cooking, it allows keeping all the nutrients, enhancing the flavor, texture and smell of food and saving time.

The 5.7 liter Crock-Pot has two power levels and keep warm function.

In addition, you can program it up to 20 hours so that when you get home the food is ready and ready to eat.

Buy for € 41.28 on Amazon

Plancha lisa BRA Efficient

Plancha lisa BRA Efficient

Is flat griddle is perfect for quickly and easily preparing fish, vegetables or meats. In addition, you will need little oil or fat to make it perfect, making your dishes much healthier.

It is a robust and durable iron thanks to its leathermade of cast aluminum and to quality of its non-stick Teflon Platinum Plus without PFOA. In addition, it is very resistant to wear and scratches because it has been designed to have great durability with a good appearance for a longer time.

It is suitable for all heat sources, including induction, thanks to its full induction diffuser bottom. It also has a excellent temperature distribution for a perfect cooking of all our recipes.

Buy for € 42.95 at El Corte Inglés

Cases for cooking in the microwave Lekué

Cases for cooking in the microwave Lekué

Cooking in the microwave is one of the fastest and most comfortable methods we have today to prepare our dishes. The microwave makes it easy for us to prepare healthy food in a few minutes.

If we have little time, but want to eat well, we can get a silicone case to prepare salmon with vegetables or steamed vegetables in a few minutes, among many other recipes.

One of the star products of the well-known Lekué brand is the steam case for cooking fish à la papillote, roasting chicken, lentils, mussels or steamed vegetables. This steam case allows food to cook in its own juice, the flavors are intertwined, enhancing their original aromas and nutrients are better preserved. He Lékué silicone vapor case It is designed to withstand the high temperatures of the microwave, oven and dishwasher, keeps its properties intact and is reusable as many times as desired.

Buy case for 1 or 2 people for € 25.90 in Lekué

Buy case for 3 or 4 people for € 31.90 in Lekué

WMF Perfect pressure cooker

WMF Perfect pressure cooker

The pressure cooker It is a great kitchen tool that allows you to prepare dishes with much less time and healthier, but, in addition, it can be a great light saving tool if we cook with a ceramic hob or induction.

The pressure cookers are hermetically sealed and, therefore, the food cooks more quickly, reducing the cooking time by up to half and, therefore, the time we need the fire to light.

We propose this of the marca WMF, a quality pot at a very attractive price. It is a pot with a diameter of 22 cm and an approximate capacity of 8.5 liters. Made of Cromargan stainless steel and one base TransTherm suitable for all types of cookers, including induction.

Buy for € 140.30 on Amazon

37% discount

Vaporera Russell Hobbs

Vaporera Russell Hobbs

One of the great advantages of steam cook is that the result is much healthier for various reasons. On the one hand, by not being fried, baked, or cooked, food maintains its properties much better, providing our body with all the benefits that its composition contains.

The steamers are nifty and healthy appliances They are used to steam food, and thus preserve the maximum of nutrients and vitamins.

Is steamer from Russell Hobbs It is one of the best sellers thanks to its high quality and very good prices.

It has 3 containers to cook fish, vegetables and other foods at the same time; timer; 800W power; rice bowl and egg rack. In total it has a 9 liter capacitys.

Buy for € 39.99 at El Corte Inglés

* Prices updated on November 16, 2020

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