The Emosson dam will be emptied for the first time …


This is the first emptying since the dam was filled in 1973.

The Franco-Swiss company Electricit√© d’Emosson SA, owner of the work, speaks, in a press release released Monday, of a “rare event in the life of a dam” and of an “exceptional operation”. The cost amounts to some 20 million francs. The road leading to the lake will be closed during the construction period.

An impact study was carried out to define the environmental measures to be taken to preserve the environment and the fish fauna. Measures for fishing have also been established in collaboration with the cantonal service for hunting, fishing and wildlife.

For example, 100,000 francs were made available by Emosson SA to allow the lake to be replenished after emptying. Lake Emosson should regain a fish population within three years, without the 2012 fishing being too preterite when it opened in June, says the company.

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