The election would be won by a coalition of Pirates and STAN, YES to third

According to the June model, the Communists would have 4.5 and the CSSD 3.5 percent of the vote.

When converted to mandates, in which the agency was based on the May and June model, the coalition of Pirates and STAN would have 57 seats. The coalition, made up of the ODS, the People’s Party and TOP 09, would occupy seats 53, the ANO movement 50, the SPD 24 and the Communists 7.

Taking into account the parties, the YES movement would have the greatest support, gaining 20 percent, Pirates 14, STAN 13 and the SPD 12 percent. The ODS would reach 11.5 percent of people, TOP 09 7.5, and the Oath movement 6 percent if they ran alone. The support of the KSČM would be 4, the CSSD 3.5 and the People’s Party 3 percent.

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