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Dogs like walking. But some ducks like walking dogs. Every time the dog teak goes for a walk, the duck pancakes approach the teak.

I wondered if I wanted to play with him, but it seems that it’s my daily routine to get on top of Dosdos and Teak’s body. Apparently, there is a suspicion that teak is mistaken for a fluffy bed.

Doggy Rolls Over to Play With Duck

It happened in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA.

Every time an Australian Shepherd teak goes for a walk, Indian Runner ducks and pancakes always run up.

Both the teak and the pancake seem to be part of the family, but the pancake rests on the lying teak’s body and becomes mounted.

Is there a bird that also takes a mount? When I watched the video, I seemed to think that the teak was like a fluffy bed, and I gave myself up comfortably.


The pancake that the owner pulls the reed and pulls the teak away, but follows. When the pancakes approach, the cheerful teak voluntarily collapses and creates a posture that makes it easy for the pancakes to ride.


After all, pancakes may love teak and just want to play with them.


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The duck is approaching the dog as if it were a friend! ??I thought I was using a dog instead of a bed


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