the drug that makes violent worries, “a disturbing, important and new discovery”

This Monday night, unintentionally, councilor Carine Clotuche (cdH) dropped a small bomb on the Liège municipal council. The elected official denounced nuisances near the Place de l’Yser, in the Outremeuse district. Nuisances that would be to the credit, in particular, of dealers.

“I have been questioned by traders and residents about problematic gatherings, fights and illicit trafficking. The cafes near the square, which have just reopened, fear for their customers, ”she detailed during the meeting.

► A large-scale action took place this Saturday.

► 1,400 Lyrica pills were seized: “A disturbing, important and new discovery”, worries Willy Demeyer.

► The use of the drug against epilepsy has been diverted: explanations.


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