The DPR has increased the amount of scholarships in universities and vocational schools

The DPR has increased the amount of scholarships in universities and vocational schools
The Government of the Republic has established new amounts of scholarships. The corresponding resolution was adopted at an extraordinary meeting.

The state academic scholarship for full-time students for students of secondary vocational education will be 1,580 rubles a month, for students of higher educational institutions – 2,100 rubles. To receive such a scholarship, a student must study at “good” and “excellent”, and he must also have no arrears on the results of midterm certification.

For certain categories of students, a state social scholarship has been established. First of all, orphans and children left without parental care, as well as persons who lost their parents during the period of study at the age of 18 to 23, have the right to count on it. For them, the scholarship is set at 5050 rubles per month.

For students who are: invalids from childhood, invalids of I and II groups; disabled people who received a military injury or illness during their military service; combat veterans; persons exposed to radiation as a result of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and other radiation disasters, a scholarship was approved in the amount of 2,290 rubles per month.

Also, the amount of state scholarships for graduate students (adjuncts), assistant trainees, doctoral students has been increased.

The resolution entered into force on the day of its signing and extends its effect to legal relations that arose from September 1, 2021.

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