The doggy bag to fight against waste …


“Finish your plate or you will be deprived of dessert!” This injunction is no longer valid today. We recommend eating enough, neither too much nor too little. This does not prevent some from having eyes bigger than their stomachs and leaving a half-full plate at a restaurant.

To avoid waste, the French authorities require restaurants serving more than 180 meals a day to sort and revalue their food waste and strongly encourage them to offer a doggy bag to their customers. The concept comes to us from England and consists of taking home the leftovers of your meal. And with us, are we ready to leave with a doggy bag?

“It is not at all in the customs of our customers to ask for a doggy bag”, declares AndrĂ© Roduit, president of Gastrovalais. The approach rather annoys customers. “I’m afraid to sound tight if I ask for one,” said an anonymous.

If the doggy bag is not topical for our restaurant owners, the awareness is nevertheless there.

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