The dog was turned off in the car and stepped on the accelerator to drive the car away.

For many people, especially female compatriots, it is very difficult to obtain a driver’s license because they are afraid to drive. But sometimes, dogs drive too! No,The dog was shut down in the car, stepped on the accelerator and drove the car awayand find out below.

rear-end scene

Recently, an uncle from Liaoyang, Liaoning, took his dog out for a stroll in an old-timer scooter. He was careless when he got out of the car and did not turn off the engine, so he locked the dog in the car. Unexpectedly, the dog stepped on the accelerator in the car, drove the scooter away, and hit the car in front.

The uncle was stunned when he returned to the scene. From the surveillance at the time, it could be seen that shortly after the uncle got off the bus,The scooter starts and hits the white car in front. In the end, the uncle compensated the owner of the rear-end vehicle 300 yuan. In this regard, many netizens ridiculed: “driving school coach: enough to drive.”

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