“The dog was frightened”

It is shortly before 8 p.m. when the defendant is out and about in his housing estate in Kamen. Suddenly a young man appears. “I didn’t notice him. Suddenly the dog was frightened, jumped up and caught him, ”stated the defendant. He immediately brought his dog to one side and took care of the injured party.

It should be a normal walk with his Labrador mix. But the evening tour ended for the dog owner in the dock of the Kamen district court: negligent assault. He asked several times after the incident whether everything was okay. The young man would have said yes. He’s just bleeding a little, but that doesn’t matter. So both went their ways again.

Confrontation at the front door

Almost two hours later, the victim’s father suddenly stood in front of the defendant’s door. First he yelled at the 40-year-old why he couldn’t control his dog. Then he would have announced that he would now go to the hospital with his son. After that he didn’t hear from the injured party or his father, the Kamener said. “I wanted to report the damage, but nothing more came. We have a dog insurance for that. ”

The judge asked whether the dog – shoulder height 40 centimeters – had attacked someone before. The defendant denied that. Normally he would keep the animal on a short leash when he met people. On the evening in question, however, he did not see the young man, who was dressed completely in black.

P. Under the influence of adrenaline

The 18-year-old student stated on the witness stand that he wanted to walk past the dog. Then he jumped at him: “He first bit my nose and then my calf.” The dog owner came to him immediately and asked how he was feeling. Because he was so full of adrenaline, he said everything was fine. The wound on the nose was later stitched in the hospital. The bite in the calf wasn’t that bad.

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Judge: “That shouldn’t have happened”

The judge turned to the accused: “We agree, that shouldn’t have happened.” The Kamener could only agree: “I’m also really sorry.” Because the 40-year-old had no previous conviction and himself had taken care of the injured party immediately after the incident, the judge decided to suspend the proceedings. If the accused pays 400 euros to the youth fire brigade in Kamen, the file is completely closed.

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