the dog tracks down 52 kilos of narcotics by sniffing the entrance to a house. Owners unknown

Carabinieri raid on the drug fort a Silvi Marina: found 52 kilos of drugs (51 kilos of hashish and one of cocaine). It happened two days ago, during a service to combat drug dealing, carried out in by the carabinieri de Norm of Giulianova with colleagues from the carabinieri stations of Silvi and Pineto and the support of the Chieti dog unit. Massive seizure of hashish and cocaine in an apartment. The military arrived at the apartment thanks to their nose of the dog Bagheera, a three-year-old black German shepherd, with several narcotic findings under his belt, who had been lured towards the entrance. Once inside the house, inside a room, a black bag and a trolley were found with about 51 kg of hashish inside, while in an envelope, there was about a kilogram of cocaine. The apartment was further searched by the drug sniffer dog, but no further substance was found. The drugs were seized against unknown persons as no one was inside the house at the time of the check.

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