The dog that wanders on the highway and a frightening indifference

Some might think that the images of the dogs abandoned in highway are narrative “gimmicks” to support campaigns against the abandonment of dogs. “After all, who would abandon an animal like that?”, More than a few people might think. Not Luca De Felicis, a Roman student of Economics, who a few days ago, during his vacation, found himself in front of a scene that he never wanted to see. While he was in the car, on the Statale Ofantina, he noticed that there was a black dog on the roadside, frightened. No car showed any signs of stopping. But Luca immediately approached, trying to approach the dog. What struck him was the fact that the animal, from time to time, leaned over a cliff and howled, as if to recall its master.

Not being able to take him with him – Luca already has two dogs at home in Rome – he immediately called 112, which sent a carabinieri car to the place. The military, after thanking the Roman boy for that gesture, took charge of the dog, which was entrusted to the care of an animal rights association in Campania, in the hope that someone would later adopt it. “The thing that struck me the most? The cars that sped by without slowing down, ”explains Luca.
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