The dog Robertino opens the hearts of the people of Reggio: 3,700 euros collected in 6 days

“Robertino will recover!” this is the good news that the ENPA President Marzia Maioli communicates to us.

“We did not expect this response, in just 6 days the story of Robertino invited hundreds of people from Reggio to donate € 3,700 and with them we will be able to pay all the physiotherapy to him, unfortunately in recent days he has gotten worse and we had to take him urgently to the veterinarian who follows him, but the prescribed medicines seem to be working and in days he will be able to resume physiotherapy and with the remaining money we will pay for the treatment ad other dogs that we follow or owners in difficulty who come to us “.

Robertino is a ten year old dog who unfortunately has a serious health problem. Robertino was born in 2011 and about six years ago he was diagnosed with two spinal hernias, which caused him paralysis. At the time Robertino was a dog who had a family, he was loved. His owners paid for an intervention that allowed him to start walking again and live a more or less normal life.

“More or less” because unfortunately after the surgery he was no longer able to urinate completely on his own. Robertino, however, was too difficult to manage, and the family asked the vet to put him down. Fortunately, the vet managed to avoid this sad ending by entrusting the dog to an ENPA volunteer, who took him home with her to give him the opportunity to continue living. For a long time Robertino has been better, also thanks to physiotherapy, but unfortunately now he has had a relapse and is hardly able to walk anymore.

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Special thanks go to Doctor Beatrice and Doctor Villa for the care of Robertino and Manuel Ferri and Andrea Maffei of the Best for Pets dog grooming shop in Via Guittone d’Arezzo who have donated a substantial amount to help him. On Saturday, Marzia Maioli, president of Enpa, and the city councilor Dario De Lucia went to personally thank the whole Best for Pets team.

Marzia Maioli says: “We would like to thank the store and invite all local merchants to adopt a cause for the animals we care for, as they did with the great heart of Manuel and Andrea. If other shop owners want to take their example for donations of food or money they can contact us by email at [email protected] or by whatsapp message to 3474541104 ″

This is echoed by the councilor Dario De Lucia, who for years has brought animal themes into politics and is personally active in supporting the causes for the territory: “The people of Reggio are wonderful, without them Enpa would not be able to save the thousands and thousands of animals that it takes over every year. Gandhi said that the civilization of a people is measured by the way it treats animals, we can say that in Reggio Emilia we are very civil, my invitation is to always donate for these causes, many donations of 1-2-5 € can make the difference for save a dog or a cat. “

How is it possible to help the dogs and all the animals that the ENPA cares for? In different ways.
With a bank transfer using the IBAN made out to ENPA Reggio Emilia: IT37A0503412800000000010332 with the reason for “donation in favor of Reggio Emilia animals”

Or via:


o Paypal

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