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[New Tang Dynasty News November 24, 2021 Beijing time]The “dog bites the elderly” incident in Anyang, Henan continues to ferment. According to the latest news, the dog owner Wang Xingang has been removed from his post and other relevant officials have only been warned. Netizens said that the official “should avoid the heavyweight” and “the thunder is heavy and the rain is small”.

On the evening of November 23, the Communist Party of China in Anyang, Henan, officially notified the responsible unit and person responsible for the “dog biting” incident, and named Anyang City Administration, City Market Supervision Bureau, Wenfeng Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Zhonghua Road Sub-district Office in Wenfeng District At the same time, it is said that Wang Xingang, the official-level inspector of the Anyang City Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment, was dismissed and transferred from his post, and the party was seriously warned.

In the notification, it was also stated that the officials of the above four units were dealt with, or were exhorted to talk, or were recorded. Only Guo Shuangjun, deputy chief of the Supervision and Inspection Section of the Anyang Urban Management Law Enforcement Detachment and deputy director of the Special Governance Office of the Municipal Urban Administration Bureau, was removed from his post and was also dismissed. Serious warnings within the party and big mistakes.

The official handling aroused online attention, and related incidents appeared on the mainland Weibo and Baidu hot search lists. Netizens expressed their dissatisfaction.

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“The matter is unclear: who gave the certificate? Who brought the baton? Who instructed these people to intimidate the parties and reporters? Why did the working group conceal and dare not say clearly?!”

“The thunder is heavy and the rain is small.” “The handling is understatement.” “The punishment of this unit is too light.” “Is this even the result?!” For internal work or something, continue to be a civil servant. 10 TV shows, various rogue performances, can still carry an iron rice bowl, it is really difficult to convince the public.” “Remove from the post, this is to give the protagonist a different job, paid. Take a vacation.”

Another netizen asked: “Has the matter been announced?” “It’s not just about the dog, right?” “I only saw the result, what about the process? How did the dog pass? What is the background of this person? What should each department do? What are the omissions?”

The “dog biting” incident refers to the fact that in September this year, an elderly man who was nearly 80 years old in Anyang, Henan was bitten by two big dogs led by Wang Xingang’s wife while walking in the community. Afterwards, the dog owner refused to admit that his own dog bit the old man.

After the incident, the family members of the elderly found help from the “Helping Xiaoli” column of the People’s Livelihood Channel of Henan Radio and TV Station. As a result, the show made 9 reports, but the dog owner played rogues for various reasons and threatened the family members of the elderly. It was not until November 17, when reporters of the show had no choice but to cry during the interview, and the matter attracted great attention from the Internet. In the 10th episode of the program on the evening of the 18th, Wang Xin went to apologize to the old man just now. On the 22nd, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also issued a document on this matter.

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On this occasion, it was also reported on the Internet that Wang Xingang’s wife Li Xiaoying was suspected of swindling money, and the victim was unable to file a case for 8 years.

The aforementioned notification did not directly acknowledge the incident of Li Xiaoying’s fraud, saying that the issue of Li’s fraud “million” is under review.

Netizens are also very concerned about “fraud” and asked: “Where is the position and ability of people to suppress a clear fraud case for 8 years is the key! There is no strong support behind a small officer even the public security officer He can’t help it? A dog bite incident has been broadcast on the local TV station for 10 consecutive episodes and all relevant local departments ignored it? See whose hands are covering the sky.”

(Reported by reporter Li Jinfeng/Editor in charge: Li Quan)

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