The dog handler told why the dog can be hyperactive

The activity of the pet speaks of his youth and health. However, a hyperexcitable, nervous dog that reacts to any stimulus needs behavior correction. On Tuesday, January 31, RIAMO was told by the President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev.

“Hyperactivity is not the norm, this behavior may be due to an unstable nervous system and a high degree of excitability of the dog. Such pets need a special approach, it is fraught with leaving such behavior without attention and correction, in the future you may encounter a number of unpleasant problems,” Golubev noted.

According to the cynologist, it is important from the first months not only to educate, but also to socialize the dog. For example, introduce other animals and people so that in the future the pet is not afraid of everyone they meet. It is also necessary to walk and play with the dog a lot so that it can properly realize the accumulated energy. If you cannot determine the cause of the problem yourself, you can contact a specialist. The cynologist will analyze the lifestyle, health, pedigree of the pet and explain to the owner what exactly he lacks.

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