The dog handler gave recommendations for correcting the behavior of a howling dog

Recommendations for weaning a dog from annoying barking and howling neighbors were given in a conversation with Moslenta by the president of the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF), Vladimir Golubev. He explained that more excitable dogs tend to howl or bark, and this depends on the temperament, size and breed of the animal.

“The most common reasons for barking and howling are the protection of the territory and communication with relatives, as well as the manifestation of emotions: fear or boredom,” the expert said.

To correct behavior, the dog handler advises not to read long lectures and not to use physical force. He recommends strictly saying “no” and when the dog stops making noise, call him, encourage and praise for obedience. In addition, the animal can be distracted by a favorite toy.

“It happens that the owner accidentally reinforces the habit of barking. The owner may mistakenly distract the dog with a treat at the moment when he starts to bark, having heard, for example, extraneous noise. The pet develops an association that barking at noise is good, for this they give sweets. But we need to act differently,” Golubev said.

If you can’t correct the dog’s behavior on your own, the cynologist advises you to seek help from a professional.

Formerly Golubev [рассказал](, how to help a dog get rid of fears.

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