The doctor from the Military Hospital accused of taking bribes had a “spade manual” and a list of rates

A file called “Manual de spaga” and one with tariffs were found in the computer of the ENT doctor Adrian Gabriel Ilie from the Military Hospital in Bucharest, who is accused by DNA of taking bribes.

During the computer search, the prosecutors discovered a file, in pdf format, with the name “Spaga Manual”, in which are presented cases documented by journalists regarding the manner, tariffs and bribery circuit in the Romanian public health system.

The prosecutors also identified a file called “EN Adrian Surgery Rates Dr Adrian Ilie.xlsx” which details the type of surgery, the type of anesthesia and the rate for each surgery.

“Comparing the tariffs practiced by the Central Military Emergency University Hospital ‘Dr. Carol Davila’ with the tariffs mentioned in the file ‘ENRL Surgery Tariffs Dr Adrian Ilie.xlsx’ it is found that the latter are much higher. (…)

Also, it is observed that the tariffs practiced by the Military Hospital are mentioned in lei, while the tariffs mentioned in the file identified during the computer search are expressed only in euros. Given that the defendant Ilie Adrian Gabriel has not practiced in other hospitals, state or private, the only logical justification for the existence of such a file in his possession is that the rates mentioned are the rates he demanded from patients as bribes “, say the prosecutors.

At the same time, the indictment shows that the doctor in question resorted to protection measures in order not to be caught having on him the amounts of money he received from patients.

Thus, the team that went to doctor Ilie’s office and caught him in the act did not find the 500 euros that he had received from a denouncing witness.

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The meeting between the doctor and the whistleblower witness after which the flagrant was found was recorded audio-video, so there are images that show that the doctor received 500 euros.

The doctor was sued for three bribery offenses.


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