The deputy delegate of the Government in Malaga values ​​”the record investment” in scholarships and study aid for the next academic year

On September 30, the deadline to apply for scholarships ends


The sub-delegate of the Government in Malaga, Javier Salas, has considered “a record investment” the increase of the Government in more than 128 million euros for the budget of scholarships and study aid for the academic year 2021-22, and that they come “to cover the entry of new beneficiaries from the student community as a result of the economic crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic “.

In total, the budget increases by seven percent compared to the previous year and reaches 2,038 million euros. It is the third consecutive year that its funding has increased, since since 2018 the budget has increased by 39.6.

According to the calculations of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training and the Ministry of Universities, some 850,000 students (390,000 of them from university education and 460,000 from non-university education) will benefit from this call for scholarships, whose application period will be open until next September 30, in general and until October 14 for university students.

Among other novelties, in this call the amount of the basic scholarship for Basic Vocational Training students is increased, from 300 to 350 euros. You can find out all the information on requirements, deadlines, amounts and procedures in the scholarship portal of the MEFP and the Ministry of Universities. It should be remembered that in the 2020-21 academic year, some 362,783 university students and 427,810 non-university students obtained these scholarships in Spain.

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In the case of the province of Malaga, more than 95,500 students received some type of scholarship or study aid during the 2019-20 academic year, according to the ‘Statistics of Scholarships and Study Helps’, of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training (MEFP), with data from the MEFP, the Ministry of Universities and the autonomous communities.

In total, 95,564 students received these grants, of which 39,222 obtained funding from the Ministries of Education and Vocational Training and Universities and 56,342 from the Autonomous Community.

The total amount of these scholarships reached 93,470,900 euros. 39.2 percent of this funding has been allocated to aid for university students, while 38.4 percent corresponds to non-university post-compulsory education. The remaining 22.4 percent refers to scholarships for compulsory education, Early Childhood Education and Special Education.

In addition, 180,105 students from the province of Malaga received during the 2019-20 academic year aid to finance books and school supplies other than scholarships, amounting to 17,714,600 euros.

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