The cultural choices of the “Point”: Carrère in Nancy, Paradis in Deauville


Yoga with Carrère and boat with Sylvain Tesson in Nancy

Since its creation in 1979, the Le Livre sur la place festival, which Point has been associated for 17 years, has gradually established itself as the one that marks the start of the literary season. But what can be done in these sanitarily complicated times? By adapting, of course! The dynamic Marie-Madeleine Rigoupoulos, general curator of the Book on the square, knew how to change the format of the event. By extending it over ten days, from September 11 to 20, and without ever negotiating with the quality of the guests and the meetings. There will be a hundred, in about fifteen places, from the opera to the Museum of Fine Arts, and around 180 authors, from President Leila Slimani to Emmanuel Carrère, from Sylvain Tesson to Erri de Luca, Amélie Nothomb to Guillaume Musso, or from Alice Zeniter to Jean-Christophe Rufin. There will be beginners, too, essential change, not to mention the eagerly awaited price of the Booksellers of Nancy-Point and readings led by Clotilde Courau, Juliette Binoche, or Thibaut de Montalembert. Despite the absence of a marquee, dedications will take place at the end of each meeting. It will suffice to register for the various events on the site, just to respect the gauges. And the good spirit!

Nancy. The Book in the square. From September 11 to 20 in Nancy.

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Theater: two Daguerre or nothing!

The Théâtre de l’Oeuvre, in Paris, reopens its doors with one of the greatest successes in private theater in recent years: Goodbye Mr. Haffmann. The story ? In 1942, on the verge of bankruptcy while the wearing of the yellow star was decreed, a Jewish jeweler offered his employee to take over the management of his shop until the end of the war. The latter, sterile, agreed to condition that the jeweler tries to give birth to his wife. This three-way camera against a backdrop of World War II will then become more and more suffocating. Overwhelming, the play was crowned with four Molières in 2018. It is signed by the very prolific and inventive director Jean-Philippe Daguerre. His last born, The Little Hairdresser, which evokes the fate of the post-war shorns, will resume soon at the Rive-Gauche theater. Daguerre, a reliable brand on the boards!

“Farewell Mr. Haffmann”, from Thursday September 10, 2020, at 8 pm. Reservations: 01 44 53 88 88 and on Internet.
“Le Petit Coiffeur”, from October 8, 2020 at the Rive-Gauche theater, in Paris. Reservations: 01 43 35 32 31 and on Internet

Isabelle Huppert: what a “daronne”!

Who would’ve believed that ? The very classic Isabelle Huppert, the red-haired icon of auteur cinema is found in a well-struck comedy, taken from the eponymous novel by Hannelore Cayre, prize Point of the European thriller in 2017. Here she is in a formidable drug dealer who holds the dragee high with the caïds of Barbès. Panther scarf on her head, giant sunglasses, big bag of hash in one hand, German Shepherd in the other, she is nicknamed “the Daronne” – the worst nightmare of the police who can not unmask her. Normal, Patience, of her real first name, fifty widow and without history, works illegally for the narcotics brigade as a Franco-Arab interpreter specializing in telephone tapping. One day, she finds herself with a large shipment of drugs on her hands. Enough to pay her mother’s nursing home and the nurse who keeps her … “A bit amoral, but not immoral, more Robin Hood than Pablo Escobar”, says Isabelle Huppert who sparks in this biting entertainment of Jean- Paul Salomé who handles suspense and does not engage in political correctness.

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Deauville: place at the cinema, only at the cinema!


For his 46e edition, the American Film Festival hits hard. The stars have stayed in California, the red carpet turns into a masked ball and distance is in order? Or, place at the cinema, only at the cinema! Jostled by the Covid and the sanitary measures to be respected, Bruno Barde, the director of the festival, wanted to show part of the selection of the Cannes Festivals – 9 films – and Annecy – 3 films -, which did not could take place for the first, and held online for the second. Result: until Sunday, festival-goers can discover alongside the fifteen films in competition – whose jury is chaired this year by Vanessa Paradis -, both French feature films and nuggets of animation. And let’s face it, we really enjoy it! In the program : Kajillionaire from Miranda July, Men by Lucas Belvaux, ADN by Maïwenn, Slalom by Charlène Favier or even How I became a superhero the Douglas Attal.

Deauville American Film Festival, until September 13.

Let’s browse the galleries!

Baoulé silversmith’s tablet, Ivory Coast © Frederic Dehaen Brussels

Finally ! From this Wednesday, happiness to push the doors of the world of the primitive arts (mainly represented with 40 dealers) of the arts of Asia and of archeology. Against all odds, here is Saint-Germain-Prés, the fine arts district in Paris, welcomes the 19e edition of “Parcours des mondes”, in the presence (or face-to-face!) of magnificent works awaiting amateurs and collectors. Among 44 galleries, some newcomers including Larock Granoff, which stands out for its breathtaking display bringing together the works of artists such as Saura or Miró, and, among other beautiful pieces, ambete statues from Gabon on the theme “faces and correspondences ”. Thematic exhibitions mark out the walk, such as the collection of pulleys from Côte d’Ivoire at the Dodier gallery, Dan art (Charles Wesley-Hourdé), the magic rolls of Ethiopia at David Serra. And from one merchant to another, we will marvel at the great Tiki figure of the Marquesas at Bernard de Grunne – who came from Brussels just like Didier Claes – and at the same, this silversmith’s tablet that has the air of icon (our photo). You could weigh gold there, and here is another route in the route: the Vallois gallery (in addition to the exhibition by Beninese artist Dominique Zinkpé) presents a collection of weights to weigh gold powder, akan. An aperitif of choice to then direct one’s steps towards the Hôtel de la Monnaie, where a formidable exhibition on the same theme opens, rich in knowledge and emotions on Africa-Europe relations, from objects of a remarkable finesse, and in particular a fabulous bestiary not to be missed: “Akan, the values ​​of exchange”.
Journey of the worlds. From September 8 to 13.

“Akan the values ​​of the exchange”, until February 28 Money of Paris.

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