The CSSD is going against its electorate, says sociologist Daniel Prokop


Unemployment in the Czech Republic remains low, but this may soon cease to apply. However, even the deteriorating situation on the labor market or the failure to manage the clever quarantine project may not harm the dominant government party ANO, which cleverly came up with the topic of abolishing the super-gross wage in its election strategy. “This is an attack on the ODS electorate, which no longer has much to offer high-income voters from an economic point of view,” says sociologist Daniel Prokop, a member of the government’s National Economic Council and founder of PAQ Research.

How big of a problem will be in the fall when the Antivirus program, which allows companies to receive a wage contribution, expires?

It is good that the Antivirus B program will end, because it is no longer worth maintaining a program that finances 100% inactivity in the company. Its replacement by a kurarbeit will certainly be good, although it is not entirely clear under what conditions it should start in the future and especially when it will end. This brings me back to the question: we will see how many jobs are lost in the transition from Antivirus to kurzarbeit. Kurzarbeit will certainly differ in that it requires one to work partially. It is well. But for some positions, this part-time job won’t make sense, so employers tend to lay off some people and keep some full-time.

How many jobs will be lost because of this?

It can be at least tens of thousands of lost places. So it will definitely grow

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