The CSIF union calls for the closure of all non-essential work activities to end the coronavirus




Updated:03/25/2020 13:38


The CSIF union has asked the Government to close all work activity that is not considered an essential basic service as a way to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement sent this Wednesday, the union explains that it has sent a letter to the Ministry of Health in which it claims, in addition to the closure of non-essential activities, that all workers who have to go to their job are considered high risk and endowed with protection.

In this sense, it adds the need for workers considered possible carriers of the coronavirus to be quarantined and not allowed to continue working until they test negative.

Regarding the health field, CSIF calls for the hiring of more staff and the launch of additional telephone and face-to-face care lines to speed up the detection of sick workers.

It also requests that health professionals have two lockers to separate clean clothing from work, expand laundry services or provide psychological support when necessary.


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