the crazy figures of the four concerts at the Stade de France

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Aprs Indochina and the Red Hot Chili Peppersand before Lady Gaga et Ed Sheeran, Coldplay took over the Stade de France. On July 16, 17, 19 and 20, the group gave four concerts in front of hundreds of thousands of delighted fans. If the show remains somewhat similar to that of the previous round, the English group made the public dance with its unstoppable collection of hits (from “Paradise” to the most recent “My Universe”), a colorful scenography, multiplying the throws of confetti and fireworks, and even got a fan on stage. Widely relayed on social networks and enthusiastically received by the public present, Coldplay’s four concerts at the Stade de France were literally historic. Indeed, the English group became the first to play four concerts in a row in the arena of Saint-Denis, doing better than Johnny Hallyday or U2 !

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Serial records for Coldplay!

Coldplay also became the first group to sell the most tickets for the same series of shows at the Stade de France in a single tour. How many fans were present during these four concerts given in mid-July? If Live Nation initially put forward a total of 320,000 fans, a clarification is now provided thanks to official figures revealed by Touring Data. Thus, the four full concerts of Coldplay at the Stade de France gathered very precisely 318,331 spectators in total. That is an average of 79,582 fans per evening. The four shows have generated a total revenue of 27.3 million dollars! Logically, Coldplay beat another record: that of the group which gathered the most spectators in the same series of concerts in the stadium of Saint-Denis. It is also the largest sum of money collected by the interpreters of “Higher Power” in the same city since the beginning of the tour. To compare, the four concerts given in early April in Mexico City brought in 19 million dollars “only” for 259,000 fans present.

But that’s not all ! Since its start last March, the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” has already attracted 1.94 million spectators and raised $177 million in revenue. All in just 34 concerts, and while 38 dates are still on the program, including four at the King Baudoin Stadium in Brussels from this Friday August 5 until Tuesday 9. While it is rumored that the tour could be extended in 2023, the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” is set to be one of the most profitable singing tours of all time!

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