The Covid ‘semaphore’ of Salamanca, as when the Fairs began without concerts in the Plaza Mayor or massive events


Felix Oliva López | @FelixOtwitts

The indicators of the Covid de Salamanca ‘semaphore’ have been set today at the levels of early September, when the Salamanca Fairs and Festivities started, which were held without massive events and with concerts far from the Plaza Mayor and seated. At that time, the data was ‘down’ in incidence after many weeks of adding cases, and not up as now, but the occupation of the Hospital was important then and, exactly as now, it was advisable to avoid celebrations.

This situation is reached when it has just been decided that the great official act of the Plaza Mayor scheduled for December 16 will not be held and while it is deciding what to do with the mass festivities. A celebration that has proven impossible to celebrate due to the adverse epidemiological situation we are experiencing and its possible evolution.

This Thursday the incidence at 14 days, still valid, is 165 and is for the second day at a high risk level; This level corresponds to last September 8, when the most contained Fairs and Festivities in history began, with the exception of those suspended in 2020.

The 7-day incidence is 113, well above half of the 14-day incidence, which portends an increase in cases. It is also at a high level of irrigation. And very high is the incidence of people over 65 years of age.

In addition, the positivity is still above 10%, double what the WHO recommends, although the traceability is 73%. Contagiousness continues with an index above ‘1’. And finally, The Hospital maintains 28 patients in the ward and 2 in the ICU, a level very close to the maximum reached in September when it was the result of the fifth wave of cases.


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