The court awarded to pay more than 100 thousand rubles to a Penzyachka bitten by a dog named “Kamaz”

photo: Penza-Vzglyad

The incident occurred in the last days of last year in the courtyard of the house number 43 on Antonov Street. The victim was walking her dog when she and her pet were attacked by a dog belonging to the defendant.

As the plaintiff pointed out, at the time of the attack the dog was without a muzzle and a leash. After the incident, the respondent did not provide medical assistance to her, refused to call an ambulance and did not even apologize.

Meanwhile, at the hospital where the attack victim went, she was diagnosed with a bitten wound of the left knee joint and received medical attention. Subsequently, the victim underwent long-term treatment, repeatedly visited a medical facility for examination and was temporarily unable to work.

The petitioner’s pet, bitten by an aggressive four-legged animal, also had to be seriously treated. She suffered bodily injuries in the form of multiple bites in the area of ​​the eyelid on the right, a bite of the upper eyelid on the right.

For the treatment of the dog, the victim repeatedly applied to veterinary clinics, which led to moral worries due to the health of the pet and the costs of treatment and surgery. As a result of the attack, the dog became blind in the right eye.

Based on the foregoing, the plaintiff asked the court to recover from the defendant in her favor funds in the amount of 15,551 rubles 70 kopecks in compensation for material damage caused by a dog bite, funds in the amount of 200,000 rubles in compensation for non-pecuniary damage, incurred court costs in the amount of 20,300 rubles: 20,000 rubles payment for the services of a representative, 300 rubles payment of the state fee.

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The defendant asked the court to take into account that she has a minor child as a dependent, she is currently not working, and has no sources of income. The claimed amount of non-pecuniary damage of 200,000 rubles is huge for her, and her recovery will put her in an extremely difficult financial situation.

The court found that the total cost of treatment for the plaintiff and her dog, according to the payment documents submitted to the court, amounted to 15,551 rubles 70 kopecks, which was not contested by the defendant at the court session.

According to the press service of the justice authority, the Zheleznodorozhny District Court based its decision on the fact that the plaintiff’s explanations that it was the defendant’s dog that bit her were not refuted by the defendant, and came to the conclusion that the obligation to compensate for material damage and moral damage was imposed on the owner dogs named “Kamaz”, that is, the defendant.

As a result, the court satisfied the claims, recovering from the defendant 15,551 rubles 70 kopecks as compensation for material damage, 80,000 rubles as compensation for moral damage, and 15,000 rubles for the services of a representative. The decision has not entered into force.

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