The coronavirus turned off the voice of the popular singer “Cacho” Jorge

30/05/2021 – 01:35 Santiago

The singer of the legendary band Grupo Octubre, “Cacho” Jorge, died this morning, affected by a serious picture of coronavirus.

The unfortunate notification was made known on the networks by the son of the renowned singer who knew how to shine on the stages of Santiago del Estero and the country, not only as the voice of Grupo Octubre, but also built a solid career as a soloist.

Outstanding rock performer, his musical talent and his wealth of voice allowed him to venture into various genres such as tango.

Cacho Jorge had been fighting this hard disease for days and the sad news of his death generated consternation in the cultural environment that sent him away with pain on social networks.

Thus, the coronavirus takes the life of another popular artist from Santiago. Weeks ago, the singer from Las Termas, Marcelo Costas, founder of the dance group Chupete’s, had also died of Covid-19.

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