The conversation between a Chilean fisherman complaining about sea lions was interrupted by a sea lion

Sea lions who have settled on the beach in Tomé have taken refuge here from strong winds and predators such as killer whales. It should be noted that most residents welcome their presence, the Daily Mail added.

According to a video published by the BBC News news server, the sea lion opened the gate and slammed into the TV crew just as the fisherman said the word “plague”. The man behind the interviewed fisherman tried to drive the sea lion back to the beach, but the pinniped did not let himself be discouraged.

Sea lions live on the west, south and east coasts of South America, as well as in the Falkland Islands. Males are much larger than females; in adulthood they can measure up to three meters and weigh 350 kilograms. At rest, they do not despise even an anchored fishing boat, and there are known cases where the vessel sank under their weight.

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