The conditions for the education of children in the Amur region will be improved by a billion rubles this year, Vasily Orlov said at a government meeting – Vesti

The Governor noted that improving the quality of education in schools of the region is a priority.

The training of highly qualified personnel in the future and the solution of the task set by Vladimir Putin in Russian education depend on this – to enter the top ten countries in the world in terms of the quality of school education. Over the past two years, more than 460 billion rubles have been allocated for events to create a comfortable environment for small Amur residents, in 2021 a billion rubles are provided for repairs, the purchase of equipment, literature, labor of teachers, security measures. The Amur Ministry of Education also presented its report on this issue at the meeting.

The material and technical base of educational institutions is being updated, including the national project “Education”, a number of technoparks operate in the region. By the beginning of the school year, it is planned to replenish the equipment of schools with computers: in October they will host the PISA study of the quality of education, which is carried out exclusively on computers for students aged 15-16. Now there are 13,425 pieces of equipment in educational institutions. In addition, in the region, work is underway to assess schools that have received low results and provide methodological assistance. There is also a special quality control for teachers, they are also helped to improve their qualifications, if necessary. Vasily Orlov, following the meeting, recommended that this information be presented at the events of the educational community, the press service of the regional government reports.

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