The concerts of the Donors of Music continue

It was Stefano Lazzoni, from Massa, well-known musician and teacher of solfeggio at the Como conservatory, who introduced the concert artist Maria Pia Carola to the small group of enthusiasts present in the polyconfessional room of the Apuan Hospital.

The head physician Andrea Mambrini had announced it shortly before, recalling that: “Maria Pia is a great friend of Sumiko Hojo (another internationally renowned interpreter) and both have already performed together for the cancer patients of our hospital. They are two great pianists, among the most popular on the music scene of our years and have always contributed significantly to promoting this exchange of emotions which is the cornerstone of our Donors of Music association. “

After a brief and amusing exchange of words between Dr. Andrea Mambrini and Stefano Lazzoni, it was the latter who took charge of introducing Maria Pia Carola’s performance, specifying details and details of the music: “I have known Maria Pia for about 15 years , being a great friend and colleague of my wife Sumiko Hojo. Their teachers at the Milan conservatory, I at the Como one. She is an extraordinary pianist, gifted with a truly superb and refined talent. She is also a mother and wife, so this gift of hers must carve out a space in the life, certainly already demanding, of this extraordinary woman. All musicians in her family apart from her husband who “tried …”.

He then continued by listing the sonatas that would have been performed by the pianist and giving a brief and precious historical picture of the life of Chopin, Bach and Scarlatti enriched with comments and evaluations on the extraordinary works of these authors.

The scene then passed into the hands of Maria Pia Carola. Superb minutes, majestic performances, sublime atmospheres. The enthusiasm of the audience captured almost immediately by the prodigious and harmonious movement of the pianist’s fingers. She, modest and composed, almost timidly accepted her euphoric and almost daring approvals, appreciating the praise of those present almost hesitantly.

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“A woman – concluded Stefano Lazzoni – who was able to reconcile her personal life with that of the musician. Hundreds of hours dedicated to study and obtained from who knows what moments of her daily life. To this I must add that Maria Pia Carola is the interpreter who, in my opinion, manages to grasp the accents, harmonies and modulations of the authors in a sublime way. Bach’s Goldberg variations played by Maria Pia are the most superb, refined, elegant and valuable performance you have ever heard. “

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