The concert celebrated the anniversary of cooperation between Metalloinvest, the Art, Science and Sports Foundation and maestro Vladimir Spivakov

A concert was held at the Moscow International House of Music in honor of ten years of cooperation between Metalloinvest, the Art, Science and Sports Foundation and maestro Vladimir Spivakov. That same evening, employees of the management company were presented with departmental and corporate awards for Metallurgist Day.

Honoring the best on the stages of leading Moscow theaters has already become a good tradition of the company. Thus, the names of the holders of the titles “Person of the Year” and “Honored Worker of Metalloinvest” were announced in different years in the hall of the Bolshoi Theater, in the Moscow Academic Musical Theater named after K.S. Stanislavsky and V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko.

This time, the award ceremony took place in the organ hall of MMDM, where employees of the management company, metallurgists and miners – employees of Metalloinvest’s plants and subsidiaries, as well as partners from Alisher Usmanov’s charitable foundation “Art, Science and Sports” – gathered together.

Like a harmonious orchestra

The celebration was opened by the CEO of Metalloinvest Nazim Efendiev.

Thank you for your highest professionalism and commitment to the company’s values. You are doing a great job. Our achievements include the contribution of your mind, your energy, your soul. Together we don’t just mine ore and produce steel, but we change the world around us for the better, create harmony, music that inspires new exploits and achievements,” he noted.

If the achievements of mining and metallurgical plants can be measured in tons of products produced, then the work of managers is sometimes less noticeable from the outside. However, the well-coordinated work of the company, the success of investments, and social programs depend on their effective work. The work of Metalloinvest’s large team was compared with the performance of an orchestra, where the role and clear sound of each instrument is important, by the company’s top managers: First Deputy General Director – Director of Production Alexey KushnarevDeputy General Director for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications Yulia Mazanova and Deputy General Director for Organizational Development and Human Resources Andrey Belyshev. And just as the audience bathes musicians in applause after a brilliant performance, those present in the hall of the House of Music did not skimp on applause in honor of their colleagues.

The award – being included on the Honor Board – is a great honor and unexpected recognition for me, pride and, of course, an incentive to work even better. And receiving it on the stage of the House of Music, when the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, led by Maestro Spivakov, is nearby, is exciting and pleasant,” she admitted Dina Zavaryukhina, Head of Corporate Brand and Sponsorship Projects Department. – I have been working in the company for almost 17 years. The Metalloinvest brand is a very comprehensive concept, not only a trademark and beautiful layouts, but also support for cultural and sporting events, organization of exhibitions, seminars, and participation of managers in business events.

When you do something, it’s not for the sake of rewards, but because it excites you. I am really interested in working with colleagues; there are a lot of talented, enthusiastic, and responsive people in the company. We share knowledge and ideas with each other, mutually enriching each other. It is, of course, very pleasant to receive gratitude from Management Company Metalloinvest. And especially on the stage of the House of Music. “I will send a photo to my mother, and she will be proud of her son,” he shared Alan BilaonovHead of Digital Communications Department of Metallonvest.

Good music will reach any heart

And maestro Vladimir Spivakov officiated on stage. He gave those gathered in the hall a wonderful concert. Obeying the waves of the magic bow, the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia performed works by Dunaevsky, Khachaturian, Tchaikovsky, Rossini, Verdi and others. Vocal parts were performed by eminent and young soloists who captivated the audience with their beautiful voices.

…The history of friendship between Metalloinvest, the Art, Science and Sports Foundation and the world-famous conductor Vladimir Spivakov began ten years ago. In the summer of 2013, the maestro and his team “Moscow Virtuosi”, at the personal invitation of Alisher Usmanov, came for the first time to the cities where our company’s enterprises are located. The tour was organized by a charitable foundation.

Employees of OEMK and Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant, representatives of the city public, healthcare and cultural institutions, teachers of schools and universities, and students had the opportunity to attend the concert.

The event caused quite a stir. There were many more people wanting to hear famous musicians play than there were invitation cards. In Stary Oskol, people came to the beginning of the concert at the Komsomolets cultural center hoping for a miracle. And they met them halfway. For example, Vladimir Spivakov placed music school teachers directly on the stage, behind the orchestra. Later they admitted: listening to the orchestra “on the contrary” was unusual and surprising. After all, usually instruments with a lower timbre and loud sound are located in the depths of the stage, and gentle and “airy” violins are closer to the audience, so the instruments do not drown out each other. From the “wrong side” of the stage, when there are powerful double basses next to you, even well-known works become almost unrecognizable. But from such a location, the filigree work of the conductor is clearly visible. To see how he controls the orchestra – with movements of his hands and the whole body, sometimes smooth, sometimes sharply fast, like the strokes of a picador, to see how, following the expressive facial expressions of the maestro, the music changes tempo and mood, becomes louder or fades to a whisper – this is something incredible. By the way, at the same time the “Virtuosi” received a unique experience: they performed spiritual works in the caves of the Kholkovsky Monastery.

Vladimir Spivakov shared with reporters:

It’s not easy to play in small towns: there are no special halls, very “heavy” acoustics… But all this is rewarded with the sincere love of the listeners, their applause coming from the heart. When selecting the repertoire for tours, we do not distinguish between “sophisticated” and “provincial” audiences – good music will reach any heart. However, many works that we perform in large concert halls simply will not sound in small rooms. And we take this into account.

The maestro admitted that he received great pleasure from the tour: sincere, sensitive and grateful listeners gave a powerful charge of positivity.

It’s a blessing to listen to music like this. I would be very happy to come here a second time, but the schedule is scheduled for two years in advance. Although who knows what awaits us ahead? Perhaps we will meet again in this hall.

And a new meeting took place. Then again and again… The public’s interest in the Master’s work did not decrease, and the maestro never tired of surprising. He brought not only the Virtuosi, but also the full composition of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia and famous opera soloists. The audience remembered the shots from the theater pistol, the solo on the typewriter, and, of course, the stunning “Serenade” by Joseph Haydn, which Vladimir Spivakov performed on his Stradivarius violin. In addition, he and members of his groups conducted master classes for students and teachers of music schools and colleges.

I wasn’t a classical music fan. But when I heard Vladimir Spivakov’s band perform live for the first time, I was shocked. “Emotions went so high that words cannot express them,” said OEMK Managing Director Kirill Chernov. – When you watch artists, you see that they simply live the music, dissolve in it. And the maestro himself makes an indelible impression. He’s 79 years old! And his handshake is strong, like a young metallurgist.

Not guests, but friends

Today tickets for the maestro’s concerts can be obtained on the website of the cultural platform ART-OKNO. Thanks to the Arts, Science and Sports Foundation, they remain free for spectators. And this allows everyone to enjoy wonderful music.

Fund Director, Fatima Mukhomedzhansaid:

Celebrating the anniversary of our cooperation, which has grown into a strong friendship, I would like to congratulate both those present in the hall today and all residents of the cities where Metalloinvest enterprises are located. Congratulations on the fact that we have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful music, to be friends with such magnificent people as Maestro Spivakov and many other cultural masters.

In the ten years that have passed since the first meeting, the musical groups of Vladimir Spivakov have truly become close friends for the Stary Oskol, Gubkin and Zheleznogorsk residents. And the conductor himself says:

We are so accepted that this has long become mutual happiness. I am glad that thanks to the Alisher Usmanov Foundation and the ART-WINDOW cultural platform, we can come to your cities. What the Art, Science and Sports Foundation does is actions that elevate the image of the Fatherland.

By the way

The next tour of Vladimir Spivakov and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia will take place in Zheleznogorsk on September 23.

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