The commitments of the Minister of Education, Alejandro Gaviria, with the Wayuu people

The Ministry of Education will work on its own Indigenous Educational System.

Photo: Ministry of Education

At the beginning of September, the Minister of National Education, Alejandro Gaviria, accompanied the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, on a working day at the department of La Guajira.

In an interactive classroom in the community of Mapuain (Alta Guajira) they talked with the communities and local authorities about compliance with the Constitutional Court’s Ruling T-302, which seeks to protect the fundamental rights to health, water and food of the boys and girls of the Wayuu people.

At the meeting, Minister Gaviria reiterated that there is a will and a commitment shared by the government to continue with the task of listening and act urgently on the problems they have identified in the department. “In education I am going to refer to four“, said.

The head of the ministry pointed out that he identified four issues that concern him in the department of La Guajira: transportation, the School Feeding Plan (PAE), infrastructure and teacher vacancies. However, he clarified that they should be treated differently in the territory.

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“There is another more specific problem,” said the minister. “There are institutions that have split in rural areas, and the new ones have not been institutionally recognized and do not receive any benefit from the State.”

However, one of the priorities of the Ministry of Education is higher education. To deal with this situation, the minister assured that they will analyze the offer of academic programs and its viability in the territory. “Then we can decide if a university or a multi-campus is required,” she said.

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Gaviaria also proposed working on a new Own Indigenous Educational System (SEIP), different from the one that already exists, taking into account that the indigenous communities have demanded its transformation for several years.

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He also took advantage of the space to present the person in charge of working on these commitments in the region. “I want to introduce Farides Pitrepride of this region, who will be working in the Ministry of Education to lead this process”, Gaviria pointed out.

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