The Colonne and Lamoureux Orchestras, reinventing themselves in the tradition

The Column Orchestra, the Lamoureux Orchestra and the Pasdeloup Orchestra have one thing in common, these groups are Parisian Associative Orchestras. Founded all three at the end of the 19th century, they each continue to defend their history, while trying to reinvent themselves.

When we ask members of theLamoureux Orchestra andColumn Orchestra to present their set, one word comes immediately, ” story “. Founded respectively in 1881 and 1873 by Charles Lamoureux and Edouard Colonne, these associative orchestras are proud of their longevity, explains us. Sebastien escobar, timpanist, percussionist at the Orchester Colonne, and president of the ensemble: “ We carry the values ​​of Edouard Colonne, which were to defend his time with passion, and also the young talents of his time. So we fully subscribe to this direction and this artistic line. We have a huge desire to find each other, to give, deep within us, everything we have for music. Maybe that’s it, an associative orchestra. »

Faithful to this tradition, they defend French music, the great repertoire and contemporary creation. Their activity is financed through grants, the concerts they sell by accompanying artists of current music, and their ticket office, which makes them de facto dependent on the filling of rooms. ” I think that the key word of associative orchestras is reinvention. We constantly need to reinvent ourselves, because unfortunately we do not have the same means as the permanent orchestras », Declares Hugues Borsarello, violinist and artistic advisor of the Orchester Lamoureux. This ultimately forces us to constantly reinvent ourselves, to invent new types of concerts, to seek new audiences. This is what is very interesting. And most of the time, many of the ideas of association orchestras subsequently interest the permanent orchestras. We are in permanent reflection ».

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Bring new energy

Among the ideas that interest many, there are baby concerts, which are aimed at a very young audience, or even meeting other universes, such as the concert which celebrated the 15 years of the electro label. Ed Banger. Transmission and multidisciplinarity are also defended by the Orchester Colonne, which has just appointed a new musical director, Marc Korovitch, 34 years old. He also wishes to register in this ” modernizing tradition » : « I think it’s very important to bring energy, a personality, while fitting into a structure that already has a very strong functioning because each musician owns a part of the orchestra. There is an artistic committee, a solo violin, an administration, a president. Everything is done collegially and I think that we are stronger together than alone. »

And here is what Marc Korovitch replies to those who would qualify these sets as outdated: “ They should already come and see what’s going on there, because I think, and I know that my colleagues from Lamoureux and Pasdeloup are also in this dynamic, that there is something that emerges from concerts , because they are musicians who have a lot of experience elsewhere, and when they come to Colonne it’s because they want to get involved, to play together. And it is anything but outdated. »

At this difficult start to the year, these groups did not escape the reluctance of the spectators, who were less numerous. Except, for baby gigs, ” it’s a box », Says Hugues Borsallero of the Orchester Lamoureux. With the 0-5 year olds, the whole has definitely found a good way.

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